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Okay, so the last piece of my build is a ssd. I am looking into 2 32gb ssd to raid 0 in lieu of a single 64gb. Any recommendations on manufacturers and can i install a 2.5 hdd in my Haf932? The 3.5's are ridiculous in price. I have MANY MANY other hdd's here at home that will be implemented in raid 1 for storage (karaoke songs and dj songs- on 2 wd 1tb ) and a second set raid 1 of 2 maxtor 250's for photos ALL SATA. I may take a set a put it in a NAS for the network to utilize and to give some extra hdd slots for this build. Any suggestions or recommendations are greatly appreciated.. THANKS

painted Haf932, 1000psu,I7 920, Evga Classified mobo, 12gb Mushkin 1600, 2 ati 5870's, WC''d with a mcr 320 rad push/pull, and 17 total fans 3x230 & 13x120 & 1x140 (have additional manual fan controller with toggle switches to go from 6 to 12volts for fan rpm

Heres a link to some of the ssd's im looking at - looking to spend at max 350 for a pair otherwise ill just go sata 7200 3.5 for a while

HERES A LINK TO SOME PICS SO FAR - Rad has been relocated to the top with radbox and 6 fans
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    If you're thinking of putting two 32GB SSDs into a RAID0 array instead of using a single 64GB SSD then I'd advise against it. SSDs in a RAID array aren't recognized as SSDs by Windows, so you'll loose RAID optimizations such as TRIM.
  2. i have never heard that of ssd's. hmmmmm changes things a bit. I still think a ssd will be quicker in bootup and local exploring then a raid 0 sata hdd. would u agree?
  3. For the NAS, recommend the NV+

    For the SSD, I'd wait till the new king of the hill (Vertex2) hits this in March.
  4. nice nas.. gotta put together os anyday now. could put in a sata reg hdd for time being
  5. > I still think a ssd will be quicker in bootup and local exploring then a raid 0 sata hdd. would u agree?

    Absolutely! You will see a tremendous speedup from any combination of mechnical hard drives, RAID or not, to a single SSD. And then you may or may not notice a very slight improvement going from a single SSD to a two RAID 0 SSDs (if you're willing to live without TRIM and manually configure the Windows 7 tweaks that would have been done automatically if it recognized it as an SSD).
  6. most affordable ssd's are 2.5 - any particular that ude recommend
  7. My recommendation is to buy one good SSD; it'll be many times the IOps performance of 10 bad SSDs in RAID0. So i would recommend Intel X25-M 80GB G2.
  8. Another thing about those 2 32 GB SSDs... they are rated at lower speeds than their larger (typically 64 - 80 GB) counterparts... so if you're going to spend the money for two, just go ahead and drop enough $ for a single larger (and faster) drive. Like others have said, if you RAID two SSDs you give up your TRIM support... and although that won't make any difference on day one... 6 months down the road when your SSD RAID array is crawling like a baby you'll be cussing when you're compelled to do a system reload.
  9. pipeandwire said:

    This is the SSD I went with - very happy with it. However, like others have said - I'd go with one larger one, rather than 2 or 3 in RAID.

    Here are my results:

    CrystalDisk Mark Results (4k):

    Read: 18.38 mb/s
    Write: 10.84 mb/s

    And here's the improvement in boot / shutdown times I saw:

  10. wow... what i differance, i imagine the differance would be as noticeable in executing progs.. thnx for the benchmark
  11. Here's a video I shot comparing the time required to boot Windows 7 and start Firefox on a WD Green drive vs. a 160GB Intel X25-M G2 drive:
  12. well i went with the 60gb ocz excellent numbers compared to the smaller ones. im looking forward to putting it all together. i will put up my own comparison times. thnx for the help guys. check out the pics. hope u like em
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