Connecting a laptop SATA HDD to my desktop

Hi guys, I'm trying to connect my laptop HDD wd scorpio blue 250gb to my desktop and haven't succeeded.
I have 1 boot hdd for OS only and a secondary hdd, so I just disconnected the secondary one and used those cables for the laptop hdd.
I got a "NTLDR missing" error though and it wouldn't boot. Anyone have a solution/thoughts for this?
Btw I tried using the MB jumper to reset bios and still got the same error.

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  1. Hi. The NTLDR missing, is 'cause your PC is trying to boot from your laptop's HDD.

    My 1st advice, go to the BIOS and in the boot secuence select your PC HDD as 1st boot device.

    Or you can buy something like this to connect your laptop's HDD as an USB HDD.
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