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I have a q9300 along with the asus p5q pro and xigmatek s183 cooler. When i run the real temp program, core 1 and core 2 seems to stay at 34 and rarely changes. However, core 3 and core 4 is at a high 46 degree and also never changes. Why is it so high? The q9300 is at stock speed, no oc.
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  1. Does your cooler use the intel type of push pins? If so check that all four pins are clipped into the mobo properly. Sounds like they are not in right?

    Secondly, how much thermal paste did you use and how did you apply it? What kind of paste are you using or did your cooler come with pre-applied paste on it?
  2. If the temps never change between idle and load you have a 45nm part with defective temperature sensors, there's nothing you can do..the will not RMA it for that reason.
    This is for some reason very common in 45nm Quad Core. Maybe guide yourself for the temperatures of the other 2 cores..if the cooler is well installed the temps shouldn't be very different.
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