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Good morning everyone. This is my first post, so thanks in advance for hearing me out! I bought the HIS 4670 agp (1gb ddr3) GPU in order to build my son a nice little gaming pc out of an older pc that I intended to overclock. Well, my little girl spilled a whole glass of juice on the board I intended to use and destroyed everything except the graphics card. Sooo, there I sat with only a pricey agp card that I couldnt return( PS and drives survived too)! (don't ever do a build on the kitchen table!) I had no choice but to build the cheapest retro pc with the best possible components. I bought the Asrock-4coredualsata2r2.0 for 57.00 and a pentium e5200 Wolfdale dualcore cpu for another 52.00. I got 2gigs of ddr2 800mhz ram from a friend who was also doing a rebuild for $20.00. I have the system up and running everything seems very stable. hd4670 installed with no problems at all. This board has agp and pcie(4x only), ddr1 and ddr2 capabilities. However I heard that it sucks for overclocking and I really dont want to do a bsel mod. I would just like to get to 3ghz, does anyone know how I could get there? I've been searching for a simple procedure. Thanks again.
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  1. Well, if the default voltage supports the OC, you could try SetFSB (a program) to raise the bus speed to OC it. Underclock the RAM to the next speed lower (ie DDR2800, set to 667mhz), so the resulting raise from upping the FSB will not make the RAM speed too high.
  2. Interesting. SetFSB huh? I havent heard of this one, then again I'm not an overclocking guru or anything close. When you say "default voltage" would there be a synonymous term common in most bios settings? I've never really experimented with voltages before-too scared. (;
  3. cpu voltage, core voltage, or something like that. Usually, the bios will say: CPU voltage (or whatever) : Default

    Pressing + or - will raise or lower the actual voltage, which will change the display from Default, to 1.xx. Does that make sense?
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