Small business network setup

How would I configure the following?

Internet Connection via ethernet (cable modem (not static IP))
4 Port Router (Linksys wrt54g)
5 Port Switch
Dell Poweredge 1800 (MS Server 2003)
x4 MS XP Dell Machines
x2 Wireless MS Vista Laptops
x1 AIO Printer (epson cx9400fax)(connected via usb to PC)
x1 Network Laser Printer (Brother HL-4040cn)

What, I want to do is setup a business atmosphere in which I have business software installed on the server and to be able to run the programs on the PC's and Laptops?? Obviously I don't have enough ports on the switch or the router. Can I use them both? In which order do they go? Can I share the printer over a network attached only to one computer (epson printer)?
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  1. Yes, you can network the equipment.

    Two questions to answer before you start.
    Is this going to be a workgroup or domain network?
    Are the IP addresses going to be static or assigned by DHCP?

    1. Connect the cable modem to the WAN port on the router.
    Router should receive an WAN IP address from the modem. Check with your ISP for instructions.

    Connect one of the computers to the router. See router manual ( for instructions.
    Check the Status page in the router to verify it has received an IP address.

    2. Connect the switch to any of the LAN ports on the router.

    3. You should have 6 empty ports left to connect up the other computers and printer.

    4. Sharing the Epson printer should not be a problem.
  2. not sure how to answer your questions, I'm not even sure what the difference is. Is there a better one than the other?? As for connecting all the peripherals to the router, I can't do that because I have to hard connect at least 5-6 peripherals to a 4 port router. Is there a way I can use the switch as well? And also if you can explain the differance in what you were discussing about the networks. Thanks...
  3. Yes you can use the switch after it is connected to the router.
  4. Don't forget to connect the Laser Printer to your network with ethernet cable to the switch or the router. You could install a wireless NIC in each desktop to leave the router and switch ports available. The other peripherals can be shared on the network from a desktop or laptop and do not have to be wired to the router.
  5. Which of the following would be best for a layout??

    Network Layout 2 ?? Located here

    or Network Layout 2 ?? Loctated Here

    Or is there a difference?? I have 2 ethernet ports on the back of the server, should I connect the internet directly to server and then connect the server to the switch, or should I connect the internet connection to the switch and then connect the server to the switch as well?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would like the server to act as a firewall and to use it for remote access. Please any help on this.... Thanks!!
  6. I think it would be best to connect the cable modem to the router first and then to the 8 port switch from the router. Without the router connected you will not be able to share the internet between all computers, even the ones that are directly networked to the switch.
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