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I have core2duo T6600 2.20ghz cpu, 4 gb(2.75gb usable) ram installed on my system, 500 gb hdd, and 512 mb dedicated nvidia graphics memory. Still my windows experience index is 3.4 only. Is there any way to increase it. Due to low WEI I face problems in playing some games. Can u plzz help me out???
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  1. Well firstly lets see if we can free up the rest of your RAM

    Try running MSCONFIG. Then select the boot tab. Click Advanced Options. At the top right you will see an option called Maximum Memory. Make sure that is unticked. If you had to untick it you will need to reboot. See if all memory is now available.

    The only way to increase your WEI ratings is to buy new hardware. If your GPU has only 512 MB RAM then it is in likely need of an upgrade. Note what part is scoring the lowest as the WEI will report the lowest component score as the overall score.
  2. WEI is based on the lowest rated component, which I disagree with. Having said that, you appear to be using a laptop, in which case you GPU probably isn't powerful enough for most games. A 2.2GHz clock on your CPU is also very low for modern games.
  3. My son has a dell Inspiron 1440 with a T6600 and 4 gig of ram, and I can tell you right now, this is not a gaming setup. i'm surprised it even gets a WEI of 3.4. On the plus side, it's still a good little machine for getting school work done on.
  4. The lowest rated component is graphics: desktop performance for windows aero.
  5. In that case there is nothing you can do besides upgrade the system. Is this a laptop?
  6. Well ... the Maximum Memory option is already unticked. Then how can I free up rest of the ram. Can u tell me how can I check that where is rest of the ram is being used. I tried a lot to free up all the memory of RAM but could not make it.
  7. Yes its a laptop...
  8. If this is a 32 bit OS, which I assume it is, you probably won't be able to squeeze much more memory out of it as some of the memory is dedicated for hardware. Anyhow, memory isn't your problem. The CPU & GPU determine how well you can game and neither of these is up to snuff on your laptop.

    This laptop is fine for casual gaming and school work, but is very low end for modern games.
  9. kunalgaurav18 said:
    Well ... the Maximum Memory option is already unticked. Then how can I free up rest of the ram. Can u tell me how can I check that where is rest of the ram is being used. I tried a lot to free up all the memory of RAM but could not make it.

    You probably are using a 32bit version of windows which means that there is a limit on your ram, you'd need to upgrade to 64bit to be able to use the rest
  10. Yes I am using a 32bit operating system.
  11. 32 bit OS will read up to 3.5 so the rest must be reserved for the GPU Memory. There is nothing a person can really do with a laptop except add memory (which doesn't count in this case.) Putting a SSD in a laptop really gives it a boost but for gaming that GPU is a major handbrake on your ambitions.
  12. In your case moving to a 64 Bit operating system is not going to free up much memory. Did not indicate xp/vista/win7. But I'm thinking that memory available should be close to 3.5 Gigs (Different than "Free") with 4 gigs ram and 1/2 Gig Video in a 32 bit system, It is not a 1 for 1 reduction, that is 4 - 0.5 = 3.5, however there are other memory address that are subtracted.

    The big problem is the speed of your GPU, and that is fixed. The 512 Meg of VRam is plenty for the laptop reolution.
  13. i hate the windows index. i bought a 1TB WD caviar black edition and it gets a score of 5.9 which is the lowest score of my build. you would figure the black edition which is the best performing drive our of the caviar line get a better score than that

    back on topic though if it is a laptop then there will not be much hardware wise to get that score up. and if you need to install 64- bit version of windows i am sure all you need to do is get a hold of a cd with 64-bit version of whatever version of windows you have and the cd key you got with the laptop will work
  14. ^Anything except SSD's will be limited to a maximum of 5.9. It's an artificial ceiling; yet another reason why WEI is unreliable.
  15. I don't know anything about SSD.
  16. SSD= Solid State Drive. It is about 1000x times faster than a HDD = Hard Disk Drive. Think of a SSD as if you were using RAM as your secondary Storage device. It reads/writes data almsot instantly. It is also expensive since it is pretty new tech.
  17. ^ no where's near 1000 x (LOL), any ways.
    Ramdrive (memory)= 10 X SSD, SSD = (approx) 20x-> 60X HDD
  18. typo... 100X faster... The typical access time for a SSD is about 35 - 100 micro-seconds, whereas that of a rotating disk is around 5,000 - 10,000 micro-seconds.

    that better chief? (lol)
  19. Yea, just though you got Over jealous. They sometimes feel like 1000 X faster!!!
    And yes My WD black HDD was about 12.6 mSec where as my SSD are typically around 0.1 mSec. That would yield a 126X performance gain, but alas it really only comes out to around 40x-> 60X when you average out typical usage.
  20. Yah, most systems would not really benefit overall ( price/performance) using ssd over hdd. Unless your running some super intense processing of data.

    I do not actually have any SSD hooked up to my system so I have yet to really compare between them, too pricey. My Caviar Blacks are just fine for my developmental and production needs. Prob could get some faster ram however. entierly different convo though. lol
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