I am missing HD space in xp


i recently partitioned my vista (home edition) laptop to dual boot it with xp pro. i made the partition just under 40GB and it shows up in disk management of both OSs as such. the problem is my available space in the new partition is 13.5GB of 39.5GB but i have installed no programs other than EasyBCD and drivers for the hardware.

when i looked in the xp partition to check what was there i made it show hidden and system files but, considering that xp pro is about 2GB of space plus the pagefile of the same size that means about 20GB are unaccounted for.

i would like to add that when i shrank the drive and made the new partition, i did not format it in vista. instead i expected to format with the win xp disk before installing the OS. the install cd was only showing 20GB available so i went back to vista and formatted it (both partitions are NTFS). then when i went to install xp, it showed 40GB available but it showed it as unformatted so i went ahead and formatted it using the xp install cd since there was no option to move on otherwise.

can anyone help me with this?


some system specs:
Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5892
AMD Turion 64*2 Dual-Core Mobile TL60
160GB HD
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  1. Here is a solution.

    Mysterious Vista Volume Shadow Copy Service

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