PSU? Graphics card? why won't it work

i just bought a computer from newegg, asus m3a79-t deluxe motherboard, amd phenom x4 9950 2.6, 16 g ram, ninja 2 heatsink, silverstone zeus 1200 watt psu, 2 ati radeon 4870 x2, 1 tb hard drive, 2 dvd drives.

so i bought this computer as an upgrade from my horrible computer, and i have it all built but when i tried to turn it on it only turned on for 3 secs, so i changed the 6 rail to the single and still the same problem, i removed 1 graphics card and now it holds constant power but my graphics card isn't giving me a screen, and the fans are seeming like they arn't pushing as much air. i'm sick of trying to do this because i don't want to hurt my motherboard, graphics card, or anything else that random power failures might cause. also i don't know what this means but i tried to google it and got this page, but on my graphics card there are 5 led's and only 2 light up, but when i had in both cards 3 lit up.

also isn't this bad for my motherboard on it's first boot to be killed so suddenly
any help would be sweet, i really want a powerhouse.
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  1. did you plug in the 6- and 8-pin power cables into your graphics cards?

    Take all the ram out and see if it boots with only one stick (if it doesn't try other sticks)

    I hope you got Vista 64 for that 16GB of ram. :)
  2. i just tried my ram and still no screen. but my mother board is supposed to beep at me if it doesn't detect, a vga, ram, or if there is a hardware failure, and i hear nothing. i just tried it with no ram, and didn't hear a beep, and now i'm beginning to think it's my motherboard, and that would explain the no screen but wouldn't explain strange power failure. i fixed the power failure some how but not quite sure how. it stays powered but it feels kinda week. yes i have the 6 and 8 pin power cables pluged in. plus i took out a graphics card and still doesn't work.

    any other suggestions?

    also do you know if you even can use the 4870 x2 for a first time powerup, i have no built in graphics so i am wondering because then i would need to buy something else
  3. also i was just reading my manual and it said to check my jumper settings, and i am just wondering what these are? i know it makes me sound like a noob, but i kindof am to the computer building world.
  4. Do you have the 4/8 pin from PSU to the mobo plugged in? Probably not. People forget it all the time. You wont get nothing on the screen until its plugged in. It is a 4/8 pin socket near the CPU.
  5. a 4/8 pin connector havn't heard of it like that but yes i have it pluged in. i also removed everything except my motherboard and still no beep from it so i think i'm going to rma it and get one with onboard video with crossfire possibility. and maybe rma my psu for a 1000 watt that only has 1 setting, i don't know what the 6 12v rails do.
    also could jumpers be a possible solution?

    i'm really confused because everything appears in working order
  6. Well if you havent heard of a 4/8 pin what have you heard.

    You should have a 20/24 pin and a 4/8 pin power from the PSU to the mobo. Both need plugged in.
  7. :o I am in aww of your computer, I wish I had that much money to spend on upgrades right now ^_^. Anyway, yeah your motherboard SHOULD beep at you, but did you plug in the case speaker? Looks like you got a little pannel connector there on the bottom front so check your manual to make sure you pluged it into the right pins. Also, make sure your CMOS battery is properly inserted and that you don't have the CMOS jumper on reset.
  8. i know i'm so happy i got the funding for it, i also have saved up comp upgrade money from when xp first came out, havn't bought anything. i actually don't think i have a case speaker because when i first got the case i already had the motherboard so i installed it as far as i could and connected every wire. but if it helps i have an abs monolith
  9. was i supposed to remove that plug on the 4/8 pin connector and use it as an 8 or as a 4? cuz i removed it and pluged in an 8
  10. i Got it to boot, but then it died after about 30 seconds. i think it's the power supply or the cpu now because when i would hit the case it would power back up also it died to the old self when i set it upright.

    Any ideas?
  11. I think you should go down to your local computer store and buy a cheap little case speaker. If you have another computer, preferably one you don't care about in case it fries, you should test the Power Supply in that to see if it will turn on.
  12. Loose cables or bad grounding.
  13. fixed it. there were 2 different plugs that fit into my motherboard perfectly and i was using the wrong one, it only had 6 connectors to the psu where the one that worked had 8, SO STOKED IT'S WORKING!!!!!!!
  14. damnit it died again without me touching it at all

    also i did have another computer but i already accidentaly fried it.
    bad grounding? how would i get there to be good grounding?
  15. Well you probably broke it using the 6 pin instead of 8. Learn how to count.
  16. NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You plugged in the PCI-E connector to the motherboard :non: !? Seriously dude, RMA it, and pray they don't realize you fried it.
  17. i installed vista last night
  18. would it be broken even though it died after it booted and installed vista then died
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