Ahci vs raid

Hello,i get confused for which is more efficient configuration, ahci or raid mode in sata mode.
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  1. The RAID mode for most modern motherboards is a super-set of AHCI. i.e. if you set to 'RAID', drives that are not in a RAID configuration will function as AHCI.

    Setting to 'RAID' would be best if you intend to add more drives later for creating a RAID array.
    Do note that if you use it, you'll need to have the RAID driver ready during Windows install.
  2. Use AHCI unless you specifically want to take advantage of RAID features such as redundancy or improved transfer rates. Don't use RAID unless you fully understand what you're getting yourself into and (if you're depending on redundancy to protect against drive failures) are willing to invest time up front testing out failure scenarios to make sure you can recover from them without loosing data.
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