New SATA drive problem

Hello all,

I just built a barebones PC. Intel Dual core, 2GB RAM Hitachi DVD, etc, etc.

This was around end December '09.

Here's my problem.
It been barely 3months.

My SATA Samsung HDD.
All was working well until 3 days ago.

Upon bootup, 1 'click' and the whole thing stalls.
I can hear the HDD power up and spin... then the 'click'... then it powers down.

This is my 1st SATA drive, i didnt know it has some sort of tiny 'speaker' built in wich beeps.
Sometimes once, other times continuously about 6-7times.

The HDD powers down... then 10-15seconds later powers up again... then the 'click' and then powers back down. then the beeps.

This is brand new.
I know of the 'click of death'.
but can it happen to such a brand new piece?

Any chance of recovery?
Atleast to get some data back?

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  1. Run manufacturer hard disk diagnostics.

    Test your power supply with a PSU tester. Check the bios for voltage fluctuation exceeding 10%.
    The beep is the motherboard speaker.
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