How high can I get w/o adjusting voltages?

K, so I want to OC my Q6600 however my mobo limits me and doesnt have any BIOS for OCing. I plan on using setFSB to OC my system, but this does not allow me to adjust my voltages so I was wondering if there is software that does allow me to do so, and if not, how high can I clock my cpu w/o adjusting voltages???
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  1. Have you used some stress-testing software (Prime95 for CPU, memtest for RAM) first to see if you OC is stable? It looks like the reason for the problem is system instability.
  2. I actually just solved my problem about 5 mins ago....I forgot to mention that I had OCd my videocard aswell, and that was unstable and is what caused the problem. thx for the help though :)
  3. Good to hear that. :)
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