Hello i have a pc running windows xp and i bought 2 new dvd-burners for it one is an ide and the other is a sata, also my computer is running on one sata hard drive with the windows xp on it. my problem is that when i connect the 2 dvd drives they will show up in windows saying that they are workinng properly but they will not read any discs, the only way i can get them to read a cd or dvd is if it put the disc in then restart the pc. so i dont know if i have to some how set the drives to a certian setting or something

ps: i dont know if this helps but i previously had two ide dvd burners in this before and they worked fine. but they just went bad of old age so i th ink my problem is something with the sata drive
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  1. the sata should work fine, there is no configuration needed with them. the ide on the other hand requires configuration. pull it out, make sure that the ide drive is pluged into the Master part of the cable. its at the end thats closer to the middle one. then, look at the jumpers, move the jumpers to either master or cable select. you should be fine after that in theory.
  2. well i can get both to show up as drives on my pc but they dont like to read discs some times...i have to leave the disc in the drive and then restart my pc in order for it to read them... when i put a disc in and then ill click on the drive its in and it will say please insert a disc.
  3. Any one out there i still need help
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