Rx for Asus' unbearable silence re P6T Deluxe V2 ...

The Asus P6T Deluxe V1 is an unusual beast. It's won RAVE, top dog review awards for being top in x58/i7 class, :bounce: yet had a minority but very healthy robust percentage of SAVAGE reviews. :pfff: Then, mysteriously, "V2" is announced :o ... but little else. Hmmm, V1 a beta board? V2 beta no more? New and improved and even more kick-*ss? :love:

For the ready, willing, able, prospective buyers :love: of the new Asus P6T Deluxe (x58/i7) mobo wanting a top dog, and some/many current users, Asus announcing an even newer P6T Deluxe V2, version 2, but then being totally silent about: what for, why, when will it hit the stores, availability, what did it fix, improvements, etc, has been unbearable to say the least. :non: What do we do? Wait for days, weeks, or months to get quality information? :cry: HOW LONG??? Should the less informed, less suspicious, faithful :pt1cable: simply buy Asus' potentially flawed "V1"? Should we go to plan B, get the competition's instead? :hello: Do current users TOIL unnecessarily for maybe dozens of wasted hours, possibly buying costly dead-end fixes, trying to get a potentially fatally-flawed SAS controller to work properly and who knows what else might be flawed... :non: enough that Asus would rush out an "announced" V2, on the heals of V1's roll-out? Asus is just letting users and prospective buyers hang indefinitely. :whistle: It's announced, but NOT available. V1, (flaws and all???) still being sold! And Asus and those in a position to get answers out of Asus, (hint, hint TOM's!) aren't talking, nor lifting a pinky to get to the bottom of it and post substantive news about it. Thanks a lot for your efforts! :non: :pfff:

Sales have stalled as evidenced by the static # of 106 reviewers on Newegg the past few days; it was coincidently interesting that Newegg.com was "unloading" the P6T Deluxe (V1) on its deal of the day page "Daily Deals" yesterday. Hmmm. What's wrong with this "award winning" mobo that 23% :o of its reviewers in the last two weeks gave it a 1 star review on Newegg? (Despite winning mobo smackdown awards :sol: on hardware review sites.)

But... there is one very brutal, sledge hammer way to get Asus to hurry up and talk and maybe come clean about all things V1/V2: High Plains Drifter, Hang em High form of justice and confession techniqes:


The very high profile but lowly Newegg 1 :non: star user ratings on Asus products there get impressive and pretty prompt "Manufacturer Response, Dear Valued Customer" tacked on to the bottom of the slammed reviews. I :ange: would not suggest this in a million years :ange: but one sure fire way Asus would react QUICKLY is if the P6T Deluxe started getting FLOODED w "convincing" 1 star pointed reviews, (demanding answers about V2 relative to V1 too while they're at it), even if the P6T Deluxe had been purchased or not by the reviewers.

What Asus is doing to both its P6T Deluxe customers and prospective customers is unconscienable; truly HARSHER than even the above form of confession technique. Yes, :sarcastic: SAS is dropped from the announced V2 version feature table. What else is quietly different and or fixed? Since when is an announced V2 "improvement" a down-grade!? Without the noteworthy, unique SAS feature, what's "deluxe" about it still? Should SAS users rush to buy the last of the V1 SAS version, or run like hell from it??? Subsequent versions are for fixes and improvement, no?

Asus, Tom's, guru's, reviewers with moxie and Asus in your roledex, et al., can you HURRY UP and get us the scoop on Asus P6T Deluxe V1/V2 x58/i7 issues, availability, fixes, etc???
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  1. .....?????????
  2. Newegg reviews were practically locked-down via no activity at 106 reviews and holding, after news of the mysteriously pending P6T Deluxe V2 version spread. Newegg was even offering the Asus mobo in its "daily deals", attempting to get V1's moved off their shelfs. Then, the reviews shot up OVERNIGHT to 123 reviews, with a lot of new, short, basically say nothing annonomous 5 star Asus reviews!!! (It still averages 4 stars... for the time being.)

    Never under-estimate Asus' abilitiy to flex their moxie and game the system.

    Asus, when the heck are you going to COME CLEAN and announce the who, what, where, when, why, how come, how much, fixes, improvements, availibility of beta V1/V2's?

    Tom's Hardware, when the heck are you going to put calls into Asus and demand answers for your readers on what the hell is going on with the version 2 P6T Deluxe Asus mobos and when they hit the stores? And what was wrong with the V1's? It's ridiculous no one is lifting a pinky on this issue. Do more than simply offer a press release platform for vendors. It's putting a lot of buy decisions on ice, with much frustration simply left to brew, just waiting for information.
  3. I agree completely with PhxKen
  4. Here's the question I sent ASUS a couple of days ago...

    Is the difference between the P6T Deluxe (V1) and Deluxe V2 release ONLY the lack of
    SAS drive support? If so, I'll order the V1 rather than wait for the V2. (The eventual
    $20-$30 savings is not that important in the long run.) But I'd hate to find out there are
    "FIXES" or other IMPROVEMENTS in the V2 after buying the V1.

    And the answer I received today ...

    The only difference is that the V2 is missing the Marvell SAS controller. Beyond that, the boards are the same.
    Chris J
    Asus Support Team
  5. They lie or they are stupid beyond belief. V2 is market confusion step on their part. Tom's Hardware gurus need to pick of the phone and be very, very skeptical in their interview. They had time and opportunity and they made NO fixes or improvements with what is arguably a beta mobo??? They just roll out a version 2 down-grade????? I say beta because there is an awful lot of 1 star scathing reviews of the P6T Deluxe mobo. You can't kiss vendors' *sses and provide a good review site at the same time. It's called prostitution or pimping.

    I hope Tom's Hardware will step to the plate and get answers for its viewers and loyalists.
  6. it's not surprising to see a motherboard have problems with a new CPU. that's a hell of a lot of technology in one place. getting however many million transistors in the CPU to work right with X million lines of code in the OS - plus, making all that work with a GPU.

    engineering takes time. Asus is acting a little like a politician caught doing something naughty. we have the basic idea - they've gone through a lot of Rev's. on the BIOS, which is not unusual for a new CPU introduction - and now it's more complicated with the extra model numbers. that kind of multiplies the FUD by some unkown coefficient. the Asus we-slightly-botched-the-Core-i7-but-we-still-got-a-Gold-editor's-choice-award-from Anandtech coefficient.

    i dont' think it's a big deal. but it never feels good to buy a new computer and then have to futz around with BIOS' & RMA's etc.
  7. If it will help a little, here is a link to ASUS' current product comparison page:
    (link sometimes takes a bit to load)

    I found it b/c I am trying to decide what (2nd!) board to buy for my 965. The MSI Eclipse MB I have is OK, but I found out I really can't OC the memory to 1866+ (MSI maxes out at 1600 - they stated this in their literature, but I got the board at a good price and was hoping I could push the memory higher. No luck! ;))

    Now, my question to you is: If I should shy away from ASUS, what's left? The Foxconn boards got some incredibly mixed reviews at various sites; I like evga, but their boards are not as feature rich; same lack of features with the Gigabyte board.

    Where is the betting pool on when the definitive board for x58 chipset will be released? You know: that board that actually works and meets or exceeds all specs, everyone loves using, and just has to have! ;)
  8. There is one other small difference between the V1 and V2 boards. The V2 maxes out at twice as much memory as the V1 (24GB). A pre-sales rep. from Asus told me this, and I verified it by looking at the manuals for both boards. The Asus specs page for the P6T Deluxe is MISLEADING, as it states that the max memory is 24GB, whereas in the manual it shows only 12GB in the specs. So, that, to me, is an UPGRADE from V1 to V2! Based on all the negative reviews I've read at newegg, I'm not considering the V1 anymore. I will wait for the V2 to be released.
  9. jadamek said:
    There is one other small difference between the V1 and V2 boards. The V2 maxes out at twice as much memory as the V1 (24GB). A pre-sales rep. from Asus told me this, and I verified it by looking at the manuals for both boards. The Asus specs page for the P6T Deluxe is MISLEADING, as it states that the max memory is 24GB, whereas in the manual it shows only 12GB in the specs. So, that, to me, is an UPGRADE from V1 to V2! Based on all the negative reviews I've read at newegg, I'm not considering the V1 anymore. I will wait for the V2 to be released.

    my guess.. If you look at the number of BIOS revisions it is likely that they ended up hitting a brick wall (basically to the point where BIOS revisions can't go), so with the version 2 board they most likely expanded their ability to introduce new BIOS revisions, while removing the issues that they faced such as the SAS controller

    Someone has also pointed out to me that they removed the Intel® QuickPath Interconnection on the System Bus, i didn't even think it was possible to remove that and why would you want to? Maybe its just a type-o on their specs?

    Anyway i was planning on buying one of these boards, but with the gigantic number of people having issues with it theres no way i can go out and buy one of these... whether its 60% or 15% of the people having dead boards arrive its like cancer, and i don't bet on those odds. I guess a better way of saying it is, if you roll the dice long enough you will lose at some point

    I've always liked ASUS boards and i do usually have some minor issues with them, but they were all fixed with BIOS updates in the past and they were defiantly not $300. It's so sad that the i7 motherboards are $250+ and that not one of them can hold the golden crown/cup award every single board from every manufacturer has issues with i7 boards

    so much for this new box i'm building :(

    Any suggestions? I'm really not planning to overclock at the moment, i just want hardware that arrives healthy and lasts for atleast 5-6 years...

    Heres my build at the moment: http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWishDetail.aspx?WishListNumber=5990869
  10. This is really upsetting to see ASUS not publicly announcing why they are releasing a V2. When I see a company not make a public announcement in a situation like this it shows to me that they are hiding something. There is definitely a reason for a V2 release other than the removal of SAS, what a joke excuse that is..

    I know someone in sales at ASUS NA, I'll talk to him and see if he has any info on this matter. I'm not a close friend so I'm not sure if he will actually shed light on the situation.
  11. I just got an EVGA board from newegg http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813188039

    I'm not going to wait around to see if ASUS will decide to inform us of their motherboard issues. I wouldn't have minded getting one of their boards again, but to see people calling them and being told "will call you back as soon as possible" and not getting any calls back for weeks is just sad, id rather go with a company that will take the time to fix its problems and talk to its customers
  12. Asus didn't remove QPI. That would be the QuickPath Interconnect and it's a rather fundamental part of the i7 architecture.

    I think that saying there are a "gigantic" number of people having problems with the rev 1 board is hyperbole and not support by the evidence. By and large people seem to be thrilled with this board.

    I do however think it's pure bunk that the only difference is the removal of the SAS ports. Why announce THAT product 4 to 6 weeks before you are able to deliver it to market?

    I will wait for the rev 2 board because I don't need SAS, I am highly unlikely to need more than the 6 remaining SATA ports, and even if that IS the ONLY difference, I'm no worse off for having waited.
  13. just got the ASUS P6T-DELUXE-V2 from tech-buy Australia, just built the new computer, have just got it to boot up correctly, yet again ram timings are a bit on the delicate side again, had same issue with the striker extreme boards so didnt throw teddy bear to far out of the cot this time, every time I saw the word DRAM on the little lcd fault screen, but at least I didnt get any CPU INT errors that plague me on the Striker Mobo.
    Over all everything appears to be working well, have not messed around with BIOS to much just ram timings, using Corsair DDR3 1600@ 8-8-8-24 system appears happy with that timing, apposed to the 7-7-7-20.
    So all I can say after 6 hours running and watching windows update itself, is well it works and it hasnt exploded or made off with my wife yet, was it worth the extra money over the MSi and Gigabyte boards, time will tell on that one I,m just glad I got an ASUS board up and running so fast over my previous experiences.
  14. Appreciate the feedback kruler. This board is just now trickling into the U.S.
  15. And yes I know im using the wrong ddr3 its only dual channel stuff, and having to switch its voltage dawn from 1.9 to 1.65, but while the States appears have have a slow feed of v2 mobo,s Australia is having a slow feed of the triple channel ddr3, have got a nice little 12 gb pack on order made by Corsair 1333 stuff for 359 $us, I like to keep things at stock speeds mostly.
    However I am bloody impatiant when it comes to a new toy build so hence the recycling of the ram, and its now nearly a week and mobo is stable as anything, had an issue with a XFX 280xxx card, dont think it liked its new home and commited sucided, luckly it was under a year old so can get it replaced, so got my spare parts bin 8800gtx in at the moment and it doesnt seem to mind, pffft all i need to do now is randomly place bits of duck tape to my case to complete the ad hoc build look.
  16. Posted on another P6T Deluxe V2 thread as well, but V2 now available. I had to RMA P6T Deluxe that had numerous issues.....

    The below item(s) has come in stock as of 02/24/2009 and we are sending you this notification per your request. Auto-Notify is one of many conveniences we provide at Newegg.com, but please note that we cannot guarantee price or availability.

    Auto-Notify List:

    (N82E16813131365) ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
  17. I'm just going to play devil's advocate and say it's possible that Asus wanted to sell more of these boards at a 10$ cheaper price point. Everything that people have stated so far is circumstantial and borderlines on conspiracy theory. No facts or evidence to back up a majority of the statements. Asus has a great reputation. My mom is still using the computer that I built her 9 years ago with an Asus CUSL2 Motherboard. Competition is high. Every part going into my new build is within 10$ of being switched out for something else (-core i7 920). Be honest, the SAS controller is RARELY used. I can cite examples of every other manufacturers issues with the core i7 architecture.
  18. Rolling out a near identical product, but yet an additional product, with all the associated costs of duplicity, at a 3% price differential: Brilliant! Life expectancy of companies like that? A couple years maybe?

    Thank god for them taking the SAS out!!!! Brilliant move.
  19. Currently here are the 1 egg percentages on Newegg.

    EX58-Extreme ... 22%
    MSI X58-Eclipse ... 8%
    EVGA 132 ... 7%
    Asus Rampage II ... 13%
    DFI LP UT ... 16%
    XFX MBX58 ... 40%
  20. I don't know what is wrong with V1,,but I know i love my P6T deluxe V2!! it's been Rock solid and OC's like Crazy and on the original 0102 BIOS!! Kepp up the Good Work ASUS!!!!!
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