PC Won't Properly Reboot-Shutdown/Power-On!

Alright, I'm wondering if anyone of you guys can help me. I haven't been here in the forums for quite some time now. I got 2 responses back then on how to fix my problem and it didn't work too well so i just gave up on it. It's been a few months and I'm experiencing the problem quite often once again.

- Anyways here's my specs, and then I'll describe the problem.
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 w/Arctic Freezer Pro 7
2x2GB Mushkin DDR2 EM-PC2 800mhz
500gb Seagate Barracuda 32mb cache
Gigabyte HD 3870 512mb GDDR3
Sabrent Card Reader w/SDHC support
600w OCZ StealthXStream PSU
Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit

Alright now here are my problems.
1. When I shutdown my PC, if I turn it back on w/in 5 or so minutes, it doesn't power on and I have to clear my CMOS. (If I power off, then leave it for 20 or so minutes and then power it back on, it boots up properly w/out the need of clearing CMOS)
2. (Similar problem to #1) Whenever I Reboot my PC, it shuts/dies down and I have to clear my CMOS. The PC has only rebooted 4 or 5 times successfully since I've got it.
3. If I change anything in BIOS after a working boot-up(explained in #1), if I save and exit, it saves, exits and then doesn't reboot (like in #2). Is there a way to save BIOS and go straight to Vista?

I just don't know what to do... 'cause I hate it that every time I update Windows or Catalyst Control Center, etc., I can't properly reboot back to Vista. Also I almost always have it on Sleep (because of the problems). I just want a proper PC like my old HP. And plus, I can't/haven't even bothered overclocking becasue of the problems.

Note: I kind of knew what the two guys back then were saying. In the BIOS, there is a STR or S2R (Suspend to Ram). The default BIOS does have that on, which is the one I'm always using 'cause I can never mess around with the it.
Also, in BIOS, I have Boot Up FSB or something similar set to Auto, should I lower and try that?

I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me out?
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  1. Question:

    If you unplug or turn off the switch on the PSU, does this speed up the process?

    I recently saw a bad PSU do something like this. It has to do with the way it warms up and the "ready signal" a PSU sends. Just something to check quick.

    Have you surveyed your board carefully and made sure there are no misplaced jumpers or other connections?
  2. I haven't tried unplugging it... good idea I'll try that when I get home. I'm still at school. Oh and I'm pretty sure nothings' hooked up incorrectly or misplaced, it was professionally done and my cousin checked it over.
  3. Thing is, a PSU takes a long time to fully cool down. Your other parts not so much. If your PSU fails to send the right signal when it's warm, that might account for it. If you unplug it, it should cool off faster. You could even blow a little compressed air in there to speed up the process.
  4. Alright I tried it out and I'm thinking you're right man. 1st, I tried shutdown than turned power switch on PSU off, no luck... 2nd after clearing CMOS, booting up, then shutdown again, I switched power off, unplugged PSU power adapter, replugged, and it worked great.... but 3rdly, when I tried a reboot, it still does the same and I had to clear CMOS. But man, your good, thanks a million for the tip. I just hope the PSU doesn't die on me, the first one that was DOA and they replaced it right away. I wished I would've gone w/ reputable ones I've heard like Corsair or that Power and Cooling one. So do you think it's my PSU then? I don't wanna buy a new one.... any other great tips would be awesome.
  5. OCZ is actually a reputable vendor... you just got a bad one. OCZ actually owns PC Power & Cooling now. You might want to contact them.
  6. Holy crap! I didn't even know that... anyways.... I finally solved my problem! It was something close to the power supply though, but it wasn't the PSU's fault. What was causing my problem the whole entire time was my dumb wall outlet. It wasn't supporting enough power. I've got 2 surge protectors on it, and what really caught my attention was the 3-level brightness lamp next to the desk, it kept on flickering at level 1 brightness, so I finally figured to check my outlet. The surge protectors ac adapters' was kinda burnt, u could see a black marking on it. So I just reconfigured... yadada around with the outlet, and now everythings' perfect.
    Shutdown works Fine! and Rebooting works fine!
    But again Proximon, you are the man, thanks to your advices it led me to the power supply thingy which led me to my outlet, which solved my problems!
  7. Good deal :)
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