Riva tuner not compatible with 4200 HD

So how can I bypass this so I can get Rivia Tuner to work.
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  1. I have an onboard 9200 nVidia card, I really don't think onboards can be overclocked. I've tried many, many, many different programs, all overclocks never stick. If it does, beware of MOBO damage and/or failure. Usually though it's built into the BIOS so that it won't let you kill it. Usually Phoenix ver.
  2. Not overclocking just using http://gallery.live.com/liveItemDetail.aspx?li=0ae2038e-03c6-4454-9729-1bfd6626cc4c&bt=1 and it uses rivia turner to pull its data
  3. Read this toms article that covers a bit how they over clocked 4200 onboard graphics

  4. Not sure what the OP is trying to do here? Overclock the on-board?
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