ATI pixel aspect ratio problem

ok well i want to play my old games in non wide screen 640*480 800*600 and i have a widescreen monitor

i read ati can support pixel aspect ratio scaling but i dont see it in the CCC panel
i have a viewsonic VA1903wb and 8.9 CCC drivers on a 3870

i also have a VGA cable with a DVI adapter
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  1. Enter CCC.
    Make sure you are on the Advanced view
    Select your screen then under "Attributes" select "Enable GPU scaling" and place a check mark on 'Maintain aspect ratio"

    Should be like this, remember to apply it
  2. ya but i dont have tht digital panel stuff
  3. is this because i have a vga cable with a dvi adapter? cuz its connected thru a dvi port..
  4. Ahhh crap, that is exactly why. my bad.

    looking for an alternative

    Edit....Nothing that i can find, BOOooo

    Can you run those games in window mode? that would at least allow them to look right.
  5. yeah i can but then it'l be soo small :(!!!
  6. The only other thing i could think of would be to add some resolutions that match the height of the screen to the games.

    800 x 600 = 960 x 600 (still 16:10)
    640 x 480 = 768 x 480 (Still 16:10)

    There is a link on adding more custom resolutions to CCC, with some luck you can run windowed games with your screen at low rez to avoid the small window effect.

    Old, but it may still work

    Wish i had a better idea
  7. nuke master i have 960*600 but for some reason (if u fix this ill love u) ALL the text is squishy and like idk its kinda like my monitor cant handle it or something, it really grinds my gears

    all the text is all screwed up and distorted or something if u no what i mean

    if u cud help me fix that (idk if there is a fix) thatd be great

    it happens with 768 as well
  8. nvm man the 768 worked for me for some reason, thanks alot bro
  9. glad it worked
  10. Nice, I've been looking for some of these suggestions for quite some time. Thanks for the contributions you posted in this thread all... especially nukemaster.
  11. any time :)
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