4870 512MB enough for gaming at 1680 x 1050?

It seems like every review I read theres almost no benchmarks for 1680 x 1050. Its weird, cause considering how cheap 22" monitors are now, I would imagine there are a bunch of gamers using this res. Anyway, I'm upgrading to a 22" later this week and I was wondering how my 4870 512MB will preform under this res. I like to play all the new games out right now (except for Crysis cause I'm not really a fan of that game. Let the flaming begin lol). I also usually play with high/maxed-out settings and at 2x - 4x AA. Anyone got any links or experiences with the 512MB 4870 at these settings? Also, once 4870 prices go down next year I'm considering buying a 1GB 4870 and running them in CrossFire. Again, good idea at 1680 x 1050?
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  1. it should perform great. i have an 9800gtx+ running on a 22" monitor and for the most part it runs 1680x1050. cant run crysis up there but games like bioshock, cod4, oblivion. and the 4870 outperforms the 9800gtx+ by a lot.
  2. I have a 4870 and a 22" monitor at 1680x1050 and I run all my games (HL2, CoD4, EQ2, TF2, Bioshock, etc... sans Crysis) at max rez and quality with the highest AA.
  3. most video cards nowadays seem to be optimized for 1680x1050... my 4850 doesn't even hiccup on high settings, im guessing the 4870 will want more... you'll be doing fine, maybe even for a few years
  4. The 4850 seems to be perfect for that resolution, so the 4870 might even be overkill.
  5. With such a high end card, id go straight for a 24"+ LCD ;)
  6. Mine`s working fine @1920x1200.
    These guys use that res to benchmark like this...


    What is the spec of your rig? My E6600 C2D is n`t enough to get the best out of the installed HD4870 even when overclocked to 3.0 GHz!
  7. You might need an e8500 or e8600 at 4GHz+ clocks :)
  8. thanks for the input guys.

    my cpu is just a stock q6600 right now. I'm gonna overclock it to 3GHz once i get my new mobo next month
  9. seems to be fine with me. playing both crysis`s at 19680x1050, at a mix of high/very high settings, with my old 1280x1040 screen hooked up to the other dvi port with my monitoring programs up and running, and im not getting any lag or anything. Running an e8400@3.4 and 4gb of ram
  10. good idea overclocking - second to a GPU, the CPU has the highest effect on games - get it to 3ghz EASILY ob air cooling and you'll have a super phun time lol
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