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So, I have what must be considered now an out of date motherboard (ie one that only supports intel 2 duo, extreme, quad processors, etc), not the newer wave of technology, i7core or whatever it is.

On my present rig, i have an intel 2 core duo (plain and simple), but im wondering, what is the next upgrade for me? Will it make sense for me to wait for the very fastest Intel Extreme processors come down in price, or by that time should I just replace the entire desktop? This is thinking in the future... right now my computer is plenty fast enough.

My thinking was always just that I would get a desktop so I could upgrade the components (in particular CPU), but it seems possible that I may just have to replace the whole thing if, by the time the fastest intel extreme processors are down in price, that would no longer make sense given speed increases in i7core technology?

Interesting thoughts!
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  1. You can always just upgrade the CPU. From a your Duo to a faster Duo, or go to a Quad.

    I wouldn't look at Core 2 Extreme Edition CPUs, unless they are priced 1/2 of what they are now, and even then...only if you plan on overclocking.

    Adding memory, upgrading GPU, and even upgrading to a faster Duo/Quad would help, until you do need to replace your entire desktop.
  2. Thanks for your input!

    I guess my question is, will the Core 2 Extreme Edition CPU's come down? Why are they so expensive? Sorry for my naivety here.

    So you would imagine that in most likely case scenario it does not make sense to go to Extreme Edition ? ever? any article you can recommend please do... thanks!
  3. No. Just forget about the EE cpus all together. Not unless you are getting them for dirty cheap.
  4. I had wondered the same thing and watched the prices of previous Extreme Edition CPUs. I noticed that they always stayed expensive. There was never the price drop that came with mainstream CPUs.

    I suggest you buy the fastest quad core you can get in 6-12 months. That's my plan.
  5. The extremes will probably just quietly fade out, rather than dropping in price at all. The ones to watch will be the ones such as the Q9550 and Q9650.
  6. I seriously doubt the Extreme Editions will come down in price anytime soon. At least not the QX9xxx series.

    The only reason they are so expensive is because they are the only Intel CPUs that have unlocked multipliers, making overclocking "easier" to accomplish.

    Really, there is no real scenario that an EE CPU is absolutely needed. It's nice to have and claim to own, that's about it, imo.
  7. i would say the EE cpus wont come down too much, intel seem to stop making them while the prices are still high.

    i personaly would wait till after christmas then when amd bring out there 45nm quads. once they come out they should offer some competition to the cheaper intel 45nm quads, hopefully bringing their price down a bit... then upgrade to a 45nm intel quad while your mobo and ddr2 ram still have some life
  8. Agreed with NMDante,

    GPU upgrades will be enough for you till a faster CPU is required. Which i assume will be the intels after i7, which will be the move to 32nm process
  9. oh yes, forgot to mention, if you want to play gta iv then benchmarks show it takes a lot of cpu to get it running good, and it is optimised suprisingly well for quads.

    what i am saying is, that if the games of 2009 are potimised for quads as well as gta, the q95xx series may be worth while
  10. link to evidence for my outragous clame :)
  11. I advise you simply wait it out. Currently your processor is still good enough for anything. As for the i7 core I think its a waste of money at this point and my best advise is anytime a new line of hardware comes ignore the first generation of it. By the time the second generation comes it will outperform and more options will be available to you and prices will be lowered.

    Also by this time DDR3 memory should go down in price as well as the new motherboards that go with the i7core. Once it turns mainstream is the time to do a new system build.
  12. Basicly, they cost so much, as said, due to the unlocked multiplier, and the word 'Extreeme'. If they were to ever drop the price, then the e-peen boost of an 'Extreeme' processor would be lost, so they wont.
  13. Thanks a lot for everyones input. I guess I will not plan for the extreme version but go with the best quad CPU in a year or two... ! ! ! THanks again.
  14. If your solution satisfy you right now, then it is best to forget about the issue until you feel that you could use a computer upgrade in a year or two. At that time, yet another generation of processors will be released and you'll be able to consider the game at that time.
  15. Yeah. For some reason I feel compelled to plan NOW what my next upgrade will be even though I really don't need one. I should add I just put together my first computer about a year ago so im pretty new at this
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