Overclocking HD 5750 with RivaTuner

Hey guys,

Well I just got my HD 5750 from UPS and am trying to overclock it, however for some strange reason, the ATI Overdrive tab in CCC is totally greyed out, I can't click anything and I can't seem to fix it, and I also tried to look up how to overclock using RivaTuner but had no luck so far, any ideas?
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  1. LOL, I'M SO STUPID. I just went in the Overdrive tab and clicked on the lock thingy and a message popped up warning me about the risks of overclocking and it's working. WOW. Sorry guys, hehehehehhehee.

    Well actually, I used the Overdrive, and my HD 5750 is running at 870/1380 but 870MHz is the limit for the ATI overclocking tool, so if anyone knows how to overclock with RivaTuner or other reliable OCing program, please give me a hint. =D thanks.
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