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My mobo only has a pci e x16 and I want to upgrade my graphics card would it be worth to get a pci e 2.0 x16 card? Or what card should I get a 512mb or 1gb? Any suggestions
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  1. Whats your budget and what CPU (Processor) and PSU (Power Supply) do you have?
  2. you can put a 2.0 card into a 1.1 slot

    should be fine

    radeon 4850 is good bang for buck nowadays
  3. It has a AMD Phenom 9500, and a weak 300 Watt psu? Under $300 on the graphics card. Also by putting a 2.0 card in will I lose performance or not to much to notice? Not a big FPS player, but if a game comes out I would like my card to be able to run it.
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