What type of hard drive is this?

Hi all,

Very quick question i hope one of you more experienced members will be able to answer.

The other day at work i was presented with the following hard drive,

Freecom 2.5"Mobile Drive XXS 320GB USB-2 Mobile Hard Drive

I understand this a standard 2.5" Laptop Sata drive.

The difference however after taking it out of the enclosure was the addition of the usb port actually on the hard drive rather than the usual sata connections.

Before i purchase this want to check for alternative models etc however i have no idea what to search for?

Thanking in advanced,


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  1. This isn't exactly A normal HDD. It's made for only external use, thus you have a USB port.

    If you want to make sure that the model you want is SATA, try searching for E-SATA Hardrives?
  2. Thanks for the kind reply :)
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