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It'll be greatly appretiated if I can recieve help with, these two questions I cant figure out. Im majoring in Computer Networking Administration, and the class thats resposible for these questions is my Windows Client class. Thanks again in advanced.

Question 5:

You are configuring three new laptops for members of your sales staff. The three laptops are arrayed across your workbench and plugged into your network through a small switch. They are identical in model and hardware configuration. You have installed a copy of Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 on each of the laptops, given each a unique name, and added them to your domain. You have just finished running Windows Update on each machine and have transferred a basic utility package used on all corporate machines from your desktop to each new laptop. An assistant is about to undertake the task of pushing each salesman’s individual data from their old machines to these new ones. You e-mail your assistant the machine names and instructions on how to complete her task. After a few minutes, your assistant arrives at your desk and reports that the new laptops must be malfunctioning. She was preparing to push data to the laptops and checked connectivity prior to the move when she noticed that the three laptops were not responding to a ping test. She has come to your desk to ask if you might have turned them off. You look at the laptops and all three are running. You are able to access a share on your desktop and the Internet from all three, and can ping your desktop from each laptop. However, as your assistant reported, you cannot ping any of the laptops from your desktop. What is the problem?

Question 2:

As Network Operations Manager for Contoso Corporation, you are leading the weekly staff review of Help Desk calls. The staff is reporting an extremely high incidence of calls complaining of poor, sluggish performance from both laptop and workstation users in the domain. Your system engineers have traced the problem to an infestation by a particularly obnoxious spyware package that is using up a large percentage of system resources in the background, unbeknownst to the end user. Investigation reveals that the spyware is installing itself as a BHO via ActiveX controls. Although able to identify the spyware, your staff has so far been unable to identify which Web site(s) are distributing it. A suggestion is made that a temporary solution would be to tighten the controls on Active-X installations domain-wide until the exact cause can be isolated. The standard Contoso desktop and laptop build is Windows XP Service Pack 2, and your domain controllers are all running Windows Server 2003. How could you most efficiently institute such a change?
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  1. Question 5: If you don't know this by now you have a long road ahead of you. Answer has to do with ping not working.

    Question 6: Answer is in the book you have. do you make changes on many computers at once without touching each computer individually?
  2. Question 5: It could be because your desktop is not setup on the same domain as the three laptops. Also, after running the windows updates, check to see if any network settings were changed.

    Question 2: I think that there are other software apps that monitor and block certain websites. Install a filter on the servers and configure them to prevent installation of Active X controls.
  3. Short answers:

    5. Windows firewall defaults to "on" under XP SP2

    2. Group Policy
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