No Video after restart

Hello , I had built myself a system
Intel core 2 duo E7200 @ 3.2Ghz
4gb ocz ram
BFG 9800GTX+
700W crosshair PSU
500GB segate barracuda 7200rmp.

I had restarted a computer and then the screen dosent showed anything, it says " no signal"
I tried to change all components, but still nothing. I cleared CMOS still nothing...
any ideas?
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  1. Please help..?
  2. That motherboard has onboard video - did you plug your monitor in the onboard video or into the 9800??

    Since it has onboard video - did you try booting with the video card removed and using only the onboard video?

    Its a 9800gtx - did you plug the power supply into the PCIE connectors on the back of the video card?
  3. The monitor was pluged in 9800 , yes I tried to use onboard video and still nothing. All wires are pluged correctly I'm sure. I was just restartig the PC (not with the button on the rig) . having no idea what happened..
  4. I were checking every component on my other system , everything works fine, I might be not enouth power to start video, but i have tryed to take out my GTX+ and plug monitor on onboard video, stil not responding..
    now awaiting for 700psu ,becouse my old one were stoped working, and I put the 400W one.
  5. Have you plugged the 4 pin power connector onto the motherboard inbetween the i/o panel and the cpu socket?
  6. Yes I have
  7. Tried booting with only one strip of RAM?
  8. Screwed up, responded to wrong post... (msg removed)

    What i would do is independantly test each component in a different system. RMA the one that doesn't work. You may want to check the compatibility of yur ram with yur mobo.

    700watts is enough for that video card, way more than enough.
  9. for now its 400 watts, I ware booter 1 strip of ram, and checked every component on the other system.
    with that setup it worked fine until restart , ther the video gone.
  10. can anyone help me?
  11. any 1?
  12. So you put the CPU in a different motherboard?
    Put the video card in a different motherboard?
    Put the memory in a different motherboard?
    Put the power supply in a different computer?
    Tried booting your current system with the hard drive and CD-ROM drive removed?
    Have you tried putting a different CPU in the new motherboard?
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