i am using windows 98 on a hp pavilion 6630 computer, and i would like to partition my hard drive into two 5gig partitions instead of a single 10gig partition. i havent been able to find the disk management in win98se. would it help to use my bootable superfdisk cd, and if i need to use that can superfdisk even do that? thanks. FYI, i am going to put xp on the second partition. i am aware that i will have limited space using only 5gb, but im willing to live with that (this thing only has a 500mhz celeron and 256mb ram LOL). thanks!!!!!!!! !!!!!
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  1. Disk management didn't do partitions until well after we entered this millenium :)

    Check out Partition Wizard says it supports all 32 bt Windows OS's but doesn't list anything older than Win2000
  2. ok ill try it. however, i think win2k can do it. well, actually, ive never tried anything about partitions in win2k, but at .least it has disk management...
    ps im downing the bootable cd, so the os doesnt matter...
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