How to ?? : Access old Programs in New Hard Drive ??


My old sata drive became corrupted.

I put in a new one with a new install of xp.
Now I have BOTH the new drive ( C drive) with xp and the old drive connected
( labeled as E drive ) on my PC.

I can use the folders from the old drive, but
all the installed programs "fail to initialize "

Can this be fixed to run my old programs - or do I have to reinstall them all ??

How ??

Thankyou if you can help.
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  1. reinstall is the only way to make them work since some of the system files are not in the Program folder and in addition the programs are missing the Registry entries.
  2. Theres no way to get the system files off the old Hard Drive ?
  3. No, as Emerald has stated, you will need to reinstall those programs.
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