3 monitors with an evga gtx550 ti

Ok sorry to be iggnorant on the topic but this has left me to the point of......frustrated would be a great word.
Here is what I have been told and this is what I have learnt please help.
Ok I was told by several techs at different comp places that one video card with 2 dvi and one hdmi port with run on 3 monitors.i have 2 lg w2244 and an asus vg 236h(3d),i can switch back and fourth with 2 displays and the 3rd one won't stay on all at once.Now if i get a dp adapter i am thinking an hdmi one since the asus is the only hdmi monitor.now will this work to run all 3 at once?

Also is their a need to buy another video card an sli it because if the display port adapter doesnt work that is the only way i can get 3 monitors to run at once.

if i get 3 monitors exact same like the asus 3d ones i still have to get 2 video cards to sli to run them or will one video card,3 monitors work with this adapter for 3d?

OMG that was brutal,sorry for the barrage of questions:(
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  1. A single nvidia card can only support 2 monitors unless you have a splitter which essentially duplicates a single monitor. But you are trying to get 3 independent monitors right? There's no other way but to get another card to sli. Amd cards support 3 monitors.
  2. Even so, that card is a bit weak for 3 monitors don't you think? I mean I hope you do't expect to play games on that.
  3. As far as I'm aware, Nvidia cards such as yours only have two independent output channels, one of which is actually shared between one of the DVI outputs and the HDMI output, leaving only one of DVI connections completely independent. The shared output is only capable of either DVI or HDMI output, but not both simultaneously.

    In order to run a 3rd, independent monitor, you'd need to get a 2nd GPU, or replace your 550Ti with an Eyefinity-capable AMD card.
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