If Raid 0 is suppose to be better, why doesn't it improve my WEI?

I used to have for my system disk a WD Caviar Green which scored 5.9 in Win7 Experience Index.
I replaced it with 2 x WD Caviar Black in RAID 0 but the Win7 EI remained in 5.9? Why is it so?
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  1. windows' experience index isn't really that accurate. you're better off using some other benchmark tool.

    i recall some people using everest to benchmark their system against others.

    it could also be your raid controller.. (i used to run 2 raid0 barracuda 7.10's and i got 5.9 in win7. i decided to use only one and it still showed a 5.9)
  2. What makes you think RAID 0 is supposed to be better? You can get faster transfer rates from it, but it's not going to make the access time any better and I suspect that's what's more important when you get to the high range of the WEI scores.
  3. Well that's what the theory say... and a lot of thread advocates it too... I have not tried benchmarking in everest because when I check it everest say it will destroy the data. But my OS is in the RAID so how do I do it?
  4. As sminlal stated - access times. This relates to random 4k Read/writes which are not affected much by Raid 0. You can do a short stroke and gain a small improvement in access time. (my WD 640 Blacks went from approx 12 down to approx 9.5 which did improve boot time and program loads - but not a great improvemt.

    Raid 0 improves the seq read/writes, but that will only help if files are placed sequentially on the HDD such as dot vob's when working with large Video files.
  5. I'm thinking that short stroking probably won't change the WEI score.

    If the OP is really concerned about increasing the WEI score (which IMHO is bass-ackwards, he should be concerned about whether or not the system runs quickly enough for him) then an SSD is the surest way to do it. Fortunately, it will also make the actual system much faster too... ;)
  6. Of course I am concerned about whether it runs quicker or not. The WEI is just the most handy tool that can be had so I used it as the initial indicator to find out. I would happily use other tools.

    I take look at RetiredChief's recommendation to do short stroking see its effect.
  7. Also with WEI the standards shot up from windows vista to windows 7. I use a patriot torqx and I have a score of 7.3. I remember hearing it would take a SSD RAID to hit the 7.9.
  8. If you opt for a short stroke, Do it while you are setting up the Raid. That works beter than setting up the raid for the whole drive and then partitioning it.
  9. My 2x500GB WD Black has been set up for Raid 0. But I partitioned it at 110, 110 and 710 and I put the OS on the first partition. I read in the short stroking thread that the first partition is made on the outermost tracks and therefore is effectively a short stroke. Does this apply to my case?
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    Yes and No, The difference in partitioning using the operating system verse using the Raid 0 set-up is: (1) using the operating system, the operating system see one HDD divided up. (2) using the set-up while under raid the operating system see x # of hard drives.

    Ex In your set up the operating system sees One HDD divided into 3 Logical HDDs. I had 2 640 G Western Digital Blk. Under Raid, I told it to create a 64K strip using 200 Gigs. Then I set up the remainder (1000 G) 128K strip. Windows 7 reported two Hard drive. I then set the 200 Gig HDD 0 as my boot drive (operating system + programs). Then HDD 1 I divided into two logical drives, 200 Gigs using 8 K cluster size (default) for smaller data files, and the remainder (800 Gigs) using a 32 K cluster size for large video files and large jpeg picture files.

    Does it make a diff - have to let the Guru's argue that out, BUT I liked it.

    Added - Both setups will use the outer portion of the disk and work in.

    For the NO part - In TRUE Short stroke, you would set up the first 20 -> 30% of the drive and NOT DO anything with the remaining 70->80% of the HDD.
  11. I see. Okay thanks again for that. I will play around with it when I have the time. As for all the replies to my original post, I want to say thanks! Your posts made me feel better since I know that its WEI, not my RAID 0 set-up that is holding up the score as even those who have SSD only scores 6.0 on it.
  12. Just a comment, Most "good" single SSD's will score in the 7's. My patriot scores 7.3/4 while my Intel scores 7.8. The intel will score 7.9 with raid 0 - mind you that is the top score so who knows what there relative score really is.
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