Intel Price's Up Last 2 Weeks? Any Sites Track This?

Hi all, I have been in the market for a new cpu and noticed that the q6600 was 175 2 weeks ago and is now upto 189. Anyways does anyone know why the price would go up? Seems all vendors raised there prices. Also does anyone know a web site that tracks prices real time etc?

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  1. Keep in mind that traditionally, some of the largest discounts of the year occur around thanksgiving, so it isn't so much that the prices are up now as that they were significantly down a couple weeks ago.
  2. yeah the price has been at 189 for like.. months then suddenly it went up! then down, then up! wtf! dammit core i7? or just that intel isnt making Q6600's or something anymore
  3. I read that the prices were going to drop just before the Phenom II releases. Would be nice to see the Q6600 drop to a buck and a half before the can't be had anymore. Bide your time. .
  4. The Q6600 is being shelfed so dont expect it to get cheaper as its guna start getting harder to find
  5. just when i wanted to get one too..
  6. get one of the new ones :) Q6600 has had it's time and that is gone now
  7. fcastro said:
    Also does anyone know a web site that tracks prices real time etc? thanks
    Try Sharky Extreme. They don't update real-time, but they do update weekly and they retain a history.
  8. ^+1 for Sharky's Extreme.
  9. Thanks for all the feedback guys. Wow yes crazy that the q6600 actually went up 15 bucks especially since the i7 is now out and about. Guess I will just wait now to get a chip hopefully things get cheaper near christmas.

    Sharky extreme great link never saw that on there before, thanks.
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