Can this PSU run SLI gtx 260 core 216?
seasonic m12 600w...
i know it only has 2xpcie pins, but i the card comes with molex to 6pin...but does it have enough juice to run two evga core 216???
i also have e8400/evga 750i ftw, i plan to OC a little to about 3.6ghz...
or else i'll have to buy a new PSU and hope i can sell the seasonic :\
if i have to change PSUs, any suggestions?
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  1. I'd really suggest at least a 750w power supply for SLIed GTX260s, especially if you take into account overclocking and other peripherals that get added to most systems over time. 2 OC 260s in SLI suck up about 300watts at load. The PC Power and Cooling 750w is close to the same price at NCIX. The Seasonic is a great power supply, it just doesn't have enough juice.
  2. thanks for that url!
    i used the tool to calculate how much wattage i need...
    this is my system specs:
    e8400, OC to 3.6
    evga 750i ftw
    ddr800 4gb 2x2gb 4-4-4-12 mushkin ram
    gtx260 core 216 SLI
    one 7200rpm samsung spinpoint 640gb
    dvd/cd burner
    4x120mm fans, 1x140mm fan
    600w seasonic m12...
    total wattage consumed would be 468w...seems like it should work in theory?
    seems really low tho for sli gtx260 lol.
    blahhhhh i'm confused
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