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hello, i just bought a 4850. after installing it, i turn on the pc and it gives me "connect power cable to the graphics cards".
i looked at the gpu and i found out that the power input is a 6 pin arranged in a rectangle formation ... i checked the manual, it says to plug the 2x3pin or 2x4pin ... and the problem is that i cant find any of those pins in my power supply.
can anyone help?
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  1. First, is your Power Supply big enough or rated high enough to provide enough power for the card, and second, there should be an adapter to adapt the plugin on the card to a standard 4 pin supply from your power supply. If your Power Supply is not rated high enough for the 4850, you will have to get a new one that meets the requirements of the card.
  2. so if it says "output peak 350W, rated 300W"
    its not good right?
  3. No. Not good at all. I am not sure right away what the 4850 needs, but it will tell you on the box.
    But, there is more to it than just the total watts the PSU is rated for. It also has to enough power on the 12 volt rails. SOME, not many, but some PSU's that only rated for 350 total watts can supply enough power on the 12 volt rails.
    But in general, I'd still say if you want to run a 4850, you are going to need a new PSU.
  4. i took a pic of the label on the power supply, can u figure out if it can be used?
    PS:it says on my gpu card box that it needs 450w

  5. Yeah, it's just not going to be enough.
    I would suggest something like this....
  6. Umm.... Doesn't your video card have any extra cables/converters in it?

    PS. My Palit Radeon 4850 Sonic needs one 8-pin, but it has a converter from 6-pin to 8-pin cable.

    And my old Gecube Radeon 3850 has a converter that converts IDE hard drive / CD-Drive cables to a 6-pin cable.

    As if your PSU can handle it. If it really can sustain that much power, then it could, but if you have say, three hard drives, plus two CD/DVD drives.... I don't know, but a barebones system will work. I've tried it.
  7. thats my power supply:


    and my pc is:
    intel dp35dp
    1x250GB HDD
    1xdvd writer
    1xcd writer

    do you think its enough?
    and there one more thing ... it is said that "It has both UL/RU and TUV"
    can someone explain that to me?
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