Blue screen...system shutdown to protect system

I installed a 2nd HD (SATA 250g)a year ago the original drive is a160g SATA. Now I get the Blue screen..system shutdown to protect system. I sent the report to windows and it reported the raid driver needed to be installed.
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  1. Download the RAID driver for your motherboard from the manufacturer's site.
    Install it from Windows if you can.
    Please tell us the operating system and if you are able to access Windows.

    Test the memory with memtest86+ if that solution doesn't work. Also run hard disk diagnostics.
  2. there is no reason you would have to install a RAID driver.

    My bet is there is damage to the file system.

    If you have a Windows XP install disk, boot from it and choose boot to Recovery Console. Then run "chkdsk c: /r" and let it run. it should correct any problems with the file system.
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