Does my PSU have enough juice?

Hello i just bought a ATI X1900XT card that needs a Pcie connector the one my PSU doesnt have.
So i will use the adapter of 2 4 pin conectors to 1 Pcie conector for the card.
The first doubt i have is:
1. My PSU have 2 lines with 2 4 pin in each one, should i connect 1 from each line or that is irrelevant and i can connect the adapter to the conectors from the same line?

and sadly

2. i was reviewing the specs for the card and asks about 30 amps, i guess is for the full system not just for the card, i have 1 HD and i DVD rom.
The specs of my PSU are as follows

1 rail of 20 A, 500 Watts total, combined 3.3v and 5v is 250W, so i guess is 250 for the 12v+ too.

Do you think is enough? what can i do? :o
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  1. What brand of PSU is it? If it's generic AKA those grey boxes i would say no.
    If its a quality PSU like corsair then probably yes
  2. You need a new PSU. Get something like Corsair 650TX for example.

    I hope you got the x1900xt very cheap. Can you still return it?
    A HD 4850 costs about $160 in the US these days and it's almost twice as fast
  3. For that setup, you can go with the cheapest corsair you can find. I agree with aevm, I would get a better video card epsecially since you are basically forced to get a new psu anyway and then get the corsair 650 watt or better...
  4. X1900XT, I liked those cards a lot. Molex to 4 pin converters are okay if you are using something like an 8400gs or lower but X1900XT were known for their power consumption. I agree with avma and endland753, go for a new PSU and graphics card.
  5. hey come on guys it cost me $52 so for the price i think i cant get another one better, i dont wat to invest more so i think im keeping this one.

    The PSU is a generic one, gray box

    ive been reading in another places and some people say they made it with 20 amps, i guess is a matter of trying, thanks guys.
  6. Not a matter of trying, not unless you want to risk blowing your system when that PSU can't handle the load and croaks. Depending on what spikes it lets through as it dies, it could take other parts of your system with it.
  7. Yeah, that's awesome value for $52. :) It is still better than some more recent cards that cost $80 or more.
  8. i live in Central America so my options are very limited.
    Normally, not normal stuff for computers are very expensive here.
    so what is my cheapest option?
    what can i do? besides buying another one, i just bought this one LOL
    its been 5 years since i build my last PC, i guess im getting older.
    The psu u suggest costs $90 plus shipping so is not a cheap option, is there another option? thanks again.
  9. aevm said:
    Yeah, that's awesome value for $52. :) It is still better than some more recent cards that cost $80 or more.

    yes good price, well if you add the S & H it cost me $70, but i still think is a great card for the price. Gives 60 FPS in COD4 vs 110 FPS that the HD 4850 gives, and you dont buy that card for no less than $200 with shipping.
  10. Hey guys and i was thinking... what about connecting an external 250W PSU to the card?
  11. i installed the card and until now everything works just fine
  12. Hey guys
    well i think i have some problems here
    when i choose in games like Battlefield 2, all settings to TOP performance
    i get 90 FPS, which is great, but after some time, an hour or so,
    screen gets pixelated and the game crashes, i can hear the fan of the card
    working harder when i make those changes, so i think the card needs more amps
    at those reolutions. If i play all at high but with 1280x1080 resolution i can play for hours without problems.
  13. Well, you knew about the PSU already.

    It's a bit weird though that it takes an hour for the problem to appear. Download GPU-Z and monitor the temperatures. Maybe you're just having an overheating problem.
  14. +1 on the overheating
  15. thanks
    today i discover that 1 ram module was not well sit in the slot
    so i was only with 512Mb. I noticed the PC slower, but i believed was because of the video card. Now the PC is fast again.
    Temperatures in FoxOne after 3 hours of gaming crysis are CPU 38C and System 40C. Ill download the GPU prog thanks.
  16. Hey guys i just ran
    and this is the temp:
    PCB 52C
    GPU 60C
    Fan speed 27%
    is this Hot?

    ambient Temp 30C
  17. LOL at the ambient temp 30C. I'm freezing here at 2C. :)

    60C is normal IMO, even at idle, especially with an ambient Temp like yours.
  18. Climate here is dam hot at noon
    20C at night
    because of desperation i made my morlex to pcie connector
    i used an ATX connector from an old PSU and connected the wires to the morlex. Only 4 square connectors are needed so it works fine
    Funny part after 15 days of waiting... The adapter Arrived the same day. now i have the adapter and a ruined PSU
  19. Ok
    After playing Battlefield 2
    1600x1200 all settings high
    for 1 hour
    this are the readings
    PCB 60C
    GPU 70C
    ambient temp 22C
    is this ok?
  20. Yes, it's OK. My 8800GTX goes to about 80C under load and it's fine. I think we can rule out overheating now.
  21. I tested the temp with Crysis
    and pixelated again
    immediately opened the GPU and the temp was
    PCB 70C
    GPU 80C
    ambient 22C
    is this maybe the reason?
  22. 80C is still OK. Apparently even 90C would not explain what you're seeing. I'm just repeating what I read, I've never had an 1900XT myself. Try using AtiTool or RivaTuner to increase fan speed, but I doubt that's the problem.

    I'd try with a different and more powerful PSU. Can you borrow one from somebody for a day, just to see if that solves it?
  23. thats a good idea
    problem is i have 1 month looking for a decent one in my country, and i just cant find one, so the solution is to buy one in ebay or something that delivers here.
    I played crysis yesterday, all in MED settings, 1024x768, only texture in high, and all went smoothly. Temp at the end of 1 hour of gaming was the same as with higher settings.
    BTW Crysis has AWESOME graphics :ouch:
    I have a doubt
    i installed vista cause i wanted to see how it was, but im an XP fan.
    How does affect having Vista or Xp to the performance of the games. I know Xp have a better performance, but in FPS speech how many FPS do i win for example in Crysis in vista i have 25 avg., if i change back to XP?
  24. i just installed Ati Tools, and i get no errors in the artifact check.

    The temp i get is 81C top
    the fan never went higher than 36%
    and the GPU current draw is 19.1 Amp LOL
    i guess if that is the amps used by the card, then im sc*^$_, cause my PSU delievers 20Amps
    Does this proves i need a new PSU?
  25. 19.1 A for the GPU alone? Ouch! Yeah, get a new PSU.
  26. Hey guys
    i think i have a not little problem now
    i downloaded Ati Tools
    and i tried to downclock the card to see if problem got resolved that way.
    when i was adjusting the RAM, i didnt realized that that represented my RAM x2. The indicator was at 720 (x2 1440 The Mhz of the Ram of my card), but because i didnt relized this i incremented until 1200
    PC crashed, and now the most demanding games like Crysis crash at the beginning. temps reach 90C. BF2 still works but always crashing randomly as before. What can i do to test if the card was damaged by me?
  27. BTW the moving square in Ati Tools, now moves jumpy skipping, not smoothly as before.
  28. hey again
    i uninstalled XP and im again in VISTA
    Framerates were exactly the same with 3DMarks and like more the look of Vista
    so here i am
    Ati Tools here works smoothly not like in XP i dont know why
    3dMark score was 6000 in both systems

    I have another question when i open ATITOOLS
    the speeds i see 500 and 600 are lower than the card can give 625 and 720
    does this speeds goes higher automatically when gaming?
    please respond
    Thanks in advance.
  29. This looks more like the captains log more than a thread
    well i installed again ati tools and i reset the temperature fan dynamic something
    and now im getting temps with BF2 of 65C
    that and i removed the case door and the fan of the case is aiming voltage regulators
    so i think im fine now.
  30. Hey guys

    I connected my Video card to my TV
    now i can follow my Videocard temp in the TV when im playing

    I noticed that when tha card reaches 90oC i get the blue screens

    Is this power related or is just temp

    How can i cool more my video card?

    i have my case opened, otherwise i hit 90 earlier.

    i have 2 more fans directed to my card and no luck

    The only game that makes my card so hot is Call of duty 4

    With the other ones i have no problem.

    Any ideas to cool it down?
  31. There are aftermarket coolers, they also make a pci slot cooling fan that you could put directly under the card to try and pull hot air off of it. If you have one since you opened the case, could always put a box fan right beside it and turn it on high....
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