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Hello i am interested in building a new gaming pc

i want a comp with the standard to play games like call of duty 4 i also want a very fast computer and i have the budget of $900 it might not seem very specific but if anyone could give me some recommended combinations of the mobo, cpu, ram,graphics card that is good for gaming using a 22" monitor because i really have no idea what to get amd or intel cpu, nvidia or ati graphics card and i've also heard some great reviews about xfx boards so some opinions would be greatly appreciated
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  1. i would also like to add i would consider overclocking and i would have multiple dvd drives and hdd's
  2. I'm assuming you're in the USA and already have a monitor and speakers.

    Asus P5Q Pro Crossfire $110

    Asus HD 4850, includes a game, $159 after rebate and shipping, buy two of them

    Mushkin 4 GB DDR2-800, $63

    WD 640GB, $80

    E8400, $170, includes cooler

    Corsair 750TX, $84

    RC-690, $77, free shipping

    Vista Home Premium 64-bit, $100

    SH-S223F Burner, $32

    Total $1034. If that's too much get a single video card for now and add the second one later.

    Edit: you can add more disks, a second burner, a Xigmatek HDT-S1283 later.
  3. thanks i will be buying a kreon flash dvd drive aswell fro ripping 360 games but i can go a little bit over anyway thanks heaps for your help ill look into all of those things but do you think its worth buying vista not just downloading it?
  4. also i am Australian so would i still be able to shop using that newegg link or will i have to just search for those things somewhere else
  5. Newegg won't ship to Australia.

    If you download Vista you break the law. You also risk getting spyware that will send info about your bank accounts or credit card numbers or e-mail passwords to whoever made it.
  6. yes true um well im still going to look for those things in australian stores because it sounds pretty good i was wondering is that hdd necessary because you can buy a sata II 750gb hdd off ebay for $100
  7. That's a good price. I got a pair of WD 750GB disks myself and they're very good.
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