Can i overclock my P45T-A over than 1333 fsb?

hi all. I have logged into this site because it has been very helpful.

I have a question.
I have the motherboard p45t-a .. supports up to 1333 fsb.
I bought a core 2 duo e6850 as you know has a fsb of 1333. I want to overclock. I've put at 3.2 by increasing from 333 to 356 bus .. and now the FSB is at 1424 .. can be increased over more? I want put my Core 2 Duo to 3.4GHz, is it possible?
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  1. You don't know until you try.
  2. well. i wouldnt like to try to overpast de limit of the motherboard without knowing. thats why i have come to this great website...

    thanks for answer
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