What is "EISA Config" on Sony Vaio laptop?

This is the label on a hidden partition found on the HDD in a Sony Vaio. I am teaching a workstation class, and a student asked this question about her Sony Vaio. While waiting for her to contact Sony, I thought someone else here might be able to answer faster.


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  1. Not sure what the acronym stands for, but it seems to be a Windows/system recovery partition.
  2. > it seems to be a Windows/system recovery partition.

    I agree.

    > Not sure what the acronym stands for

    Evidently "Config" is "Configuration" -- ( we think :)

    "EISA" is a contraction of "E" and "ISA"

    "E" = Extended
    "ISA" = Industry Standard Architecture


    ISA is a very old bus standard that
    pre-dates the PCI bus (read "obsolete"):


    We're trying to confirm whether or not cloning software --
    like Symantec's GHOST or Acronis' TRUE IMAGE --
    will also clone such hidden partitions
    when upgrading to a larger primary HDD hosting C:
    what conditions and restrictions must be observed
    e.g. can C: be increased or decreased in size when
    a hidden partition is present and, if so, how?

    Very often, such older machines were built with much smaller,
    and much slower, primary HDDs, and the C: partitions are
    necessarily slow, as a consequence.

    By upgrading to faster and larger modern HDDs
    e.g. 7,200 rpm HDDs with perpendicular magnetic recording,
    and by re-sizing C: on such faster and larger HDDs,
    the C: system partition can benefit from "short-strokes".

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

  3. I know what EISA is from when it was used as a bus, but I don't think that acronym would be relevant here.
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