Inno3D or other?

should i purchase inno3D 9800GTS+ ?
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  1. why? gaming? just go with the 4870. or is that out of your price range?
  2. Thanks buddy. is 4870 good for gaming? what is the power slupply recommended? i have 450. chieftec
  3. oh yes the 4870 is great for gaming. not sure what the psu rating is hang on ill check.
  4. well i check the specs and asked a buddy that has a 4870, the specs say you need a 500watt and my buddy doesnt think 450 watts is enough. so with that psu you should get the 4850. that will run on 450 watts and and its still better than the GTS that you were looking at. this is a good brand of graphics cards.

    ps, the 4850 runs hot. like really hot. so if you get it dont worry about 75-80c temps
  5. +1.

    That Visiontek has a dual-slot cooler so it won't get that hot.
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