Gainward golden sample 4870 1GB temps lowered by 24c

Hi, im looking around for a 4870 1GB with a good non reference cooler when i found this

I've never heard of gainward, so i dont know if they are any good, but i did notice that the article mentions that the temps on this gainward are are around 24c less than other 4870 1Gb cards. performance is pretty much the same but the temp is what im looking at.

has anyone ever heard of this brand? if so are they any good?? I ve heard of the heating issues so im hoping that this is ligitamate. Thanks a lot.

Also i noticed that newegg and tiger direct dont sell these brands, is there a reason or somewhere else i should b looking?? thanks
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  1. It looks like that card basically slapped on it's own version of this;
    and this
    Gainward has lost US market share. They did not play by the rules and lost ad revenue from ATI and nVidia.
  2. That really sucks. I was really hoping that a card with temps like this would be real..... but when you say they didnt play by the rules, i dont follow..

    so, should i just forget about this card??? i just want a card with a good fan on it
  3. Try the Powercolor HD 4870 PCS+ 1gb. It comes OC'd 800/925 with a non reference Zerotherm cooler, 4 phase VRM and runs in the mid 50s gaming.
  4. Just buy any brand and D/L rivatuner and control the fan or do the CCC Fan fix. I have the HIS 1gb 4870 and it will run crysis for hours with cool temps.
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