5870 Overclocking: Is it worth it?

Ok so I've read over the below two articles and did my own overclocking on my Asus 5870. I only messed around this for a little bit last night and was able to achieve a 950/1300 overclock on my card by upping the core voltage to 1.25v. Even on the stock fan profile it reaches about 85C in Vantage. However, I set my own fan profile(not really to crazy 50% around 70C) and it hits about 75C max in Vantage. I gained maybe 500 points with a 100/100 increase on this card. Also, looking over the arcticles below it seems that even higher overlocks only yield a few frames at MOST, and in some cases not even a frame. Then I come back to the question, is it worth even overclocking this card, or is it pretty much an optimized card that it's current close? Has anyone had similar experiences?

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  1. I did find this article that shows better gains, which make me feel a bit better.

  2. Well in my opinion, no it would not be worth overclocking that card unless you are doing it for fun or for benchmarking.

    Its a damn fast card and can max out just about anything out there.
  3. Yeah, I maybe OC the card just for fun, but ultimately I put it back to stock. I have no issues with games. I am wondering is any driver updates will effect the OC potential. It's funny that the 5850 sees alot of benefits from an OC but the 5870 does not as much. Odd.
  4. It might be a case of % increase. A 100mhz bump on a GPU at 725 (to 825) is a bigger ratio than a 100mhz bump on 850 (to 950). Perhaps a stock 5870 just happens to be performing at a max efficient rate, bumping the 5850 gpu to match brings it to the same level, and bumping the 5870 past stock is just diminishing returns. Perhaps in a year from now with new, higher stress titles, the experience will be different.

    "perhaps, perhaps... perrrrrrrrrrrhaps" -Cake
  5. Perhaps, I should have gotten a 5850 for $100 less and overclocked it.. But perhaps not. I dunno. haha. I like to overclock and see results. And I'm not, so its a little dissapointing.
  6. See results? Oh you mean those benchmark numbers that give you half a percent extra per x mhz increase of the GPU? Okay, if you want to play like that and you want a cheap way of cooling your GPU/CPU for your overclock experiments, i tried this in Jan.

    We had snow weather, so I took off the side panel and halway opened the balcony door and placed my computer in the doorway. Guess what I got the personal best scores ever in 3dMark06!
  7. Maybe as DX11 matures the OC benefit will increase as well? It is a lot of perhaps and maybes, and we are still early in this generations life. Perhaps OCing the 5870 will never give approriate returns on real gameplay. Considering that the only real titles out there to stress that GPU on a properly built system are Crysis, GTAIV, and Stalker, and noticable returns above 60fps are trivial, it may just be a software limitation you are seeing.
  8. 1000IslandBoy,
    The cooling is fine. But a 100MHz OC on the GPU doesn't really yield much. That is what my argument is. I was just looking for others with similar experiences and maybe some more info.
  9. That is a little strange. If you're overclocking the GPU by almost 12% and you're getting zero framerate increase, try to see how it scales at different resolutions.

    Maybe you're discovering that your CPU is holding you back? BTW what is the CPU and speed?
  10. jay2tall has an i7 920 @ 4ghz, according to his member configuration, if there is a CPU limitation now, it will be a long time before it can be eliminated, heh.
  11. I'm one of those skeptical to ditch my pair of 4890 which was validated by the Tomshardware benchmark of OC 5870 vs CF-4890.


    I'm OK(meaning i can pay for it) with the power consumption & my system has no heat issues with the 2 cards. Of course lower power/heat is better.

    I played with ASUS 5870 for a month and decided to return it. For the money spent i don't get better performance from my current 2x4890. The ASUS 5870 run pretty well with no issues on my setup.

    If I'm to purchase a new card today it will be 5870(no doubt).

    Until the software(driver/apps-games) are optimized to DX11 thats the only time it can maximize the full potential of the 5000 series architecture.

    To answer your question...Yes its always worth to OC the 5870. Its far from being optimize/utilize to its full potential. Thats one way of how we get our money's worth.
  12. Yeah i better not be limited with my CPU or there are alot of people out there in trouble. hehe.

    I am actually looking into getting a larger LCD 1920x1200 panel. I am holding off on testing anything until I get that. I'm lookin at a 25.5" Asus ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236046&cm_re=asus_25.5-_-24-236-046-_-Product )
    My buddy has the same one and it has virtually no input lag and is very fast for those FPS's. Since my res will increase will wait and test with that. I did some testing with Dirt2 and the benchmark build in. but my min and avg FPS were consistent between the stock and OC settings. I am wondering if different games will have differente effects. I gained 800pts in Vantage, which put me just over 19,000. But that isn't in game.
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