Good and best sound card for pc with optical output.

Hey for xmas im getting a Logitech Z-5500 sound system. I have a intel DG31PR mobo and the sound port on the back only works for some reason on the right speaker but i have another sound port like thing on the front of the computer and that works for both speakers. Its like an extension cable going to the port to pins on the motherboard i thought the onboard sound was broken but that dosnt make sence why the front port would still work so is it shot? .... anyways if i would get a new soundcard would this fix that problem and if it will can you tell me a good card that has optical audio output please?
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  1. The Razer Barracuda AC-1 supports Optical Out, thats probably the way to go for you.
  2. wow that looks really nice. um but it is pretty high in price. Im going to be listing gaming and music basically 50/50. Newegg dosnt have that card and i cant really find a place that sells it besides the razer store for 200$ can i get a better price? or any other ideas?
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