Can I fix a bad RAM slot?

I have an HP Pavilion, 5 months out of warranty, and the #1 memory slot seems to have died. I've swapped out RAM chips and it's definitely the slot (or some other hardware issue), not the chip. In the BIOS it thinks the slot is empty.

The board is an ECS MCP61PM-HM, which HP calls a Nettle-GL8E.

I could live with 3 gigs instead of four since I'm running a 32-bit version of Vista, but it takes forever to boot, I assume because it's running a RAM check over and over before timing out after 20 minutes or so. Is there some hardware solution to this short of swapping out the motherboard? If not, I'll see if there's a RAM check I can turn off in the BIOS, but I hate to lose that function.
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  1. Nope, no fix. You should be able to skip over the startup memory test by pressing the ESC key during the test.
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