Hey guys i m running 500watt thermaltake psu in my system for 9 months. my system has a core2duo 1.86ghz processor with 9600gt gfx and 2gb ddr2 ram. My motherboard is asus p5b-vm(intel 965chipset)and i have 2x120mm fan and 2x dvdrom. Now if i m going to buy a quad core q6600(2.4ghz) and a 4870 radeon card can my power supply run it? i really cant upgrade my psu right now. is there any other way around if my psu doesnt support it? As q6600 is a 65nm processor it takes some good power. do u guys know about any intel's new 35nm processor launch so maybe i can wait and buy those processors with new motherboard hoping those processors will consume much less power?
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  1. Say what? You cannot afford a new PSU now, but can replace the motherboard and CPU and memory (DDR3) later?

    Well ok. A stock Q6600 will pull about 8 amps - highly OC'd, about 10 amps. 4870, about 12 amps. One HD and one DVD R/W drive, about 3 amps. Motherboard, about 2 amps. 2 or 3 case fans and HSF, about 1 amp.

    PSU puts out 12 volts at 29 amps - max.

    Should work, especially if you do not OC. But the 12 volt rails will be running very close to maximum capacity.

    ll your mb take a Q6600? Personally, I wouldn't spend a lot upgrading a p965 motherboard.
  2. Without any overclocking (that you can't do on the p5b-vm anyway) you will be fine with 500W - Thermaltake are OK quality
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