Does P6T Deluxe audio allow Stereo Mix (aka What U Hear)?

New motherboards that use RealTek audio chips (like the Gigabyte i7 boards) apparently do not permit recording of internet streams, etc., a feature sometimes called Stereo-Mix or What U Hear.

Can anyone comment on whether this feature is available on the ASUS P6T Deluxe, which uses an ADI 2000b audio chip.

(All the Asus i7 boards except the low end P6T use this ADI audio chip.)

Any other comments on the audio performance of the P6T Deluxe?

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  1. Stereo Mix can be enabled and accessed on Realtek and perhaps others. If you want to record streaming video using such software as Roxio or Sony SoundForge, this input must be selectable.

    I have HP Pavilion with Realtek integrated audio. Try this.
    1. in Control Panel, select "Sound".
    2. Select "Recording" tab. You should see "Recording Devices" icons, probably Microphone, Line-in and maybe Digital In.
    3. If you see Stereo Mix, good, follow step 5. But it seems to come disabled on HP iron.
    4. If you do not see Stereo Mix, right click in an open spot of the dialog box (ie., not on an icon) You should see a choice " Show Disabled Devices." Select it.
    5. You should now see Stereo Mix and an icon of a sound card. If it is grayed out, it is disabled. Right click on the icon.
    6. You should see a a choice "enable" click it and you should be functional. You can also open "properties" if need be from this right click menu.

    Gripe: Neither HP nor Realtek have an FAQ on this hidden functionality. I found a tutorial on YouTube or I'd never have discovered this.
  2. I'm running a Asus P6T w/Realtek HD Audio and Roxio Sound Editor v10 won't let you select a input source to record streaming audio.
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