Crucial C300 - On 'Sale' Now...

- I think I'll wait until the real reviews come out
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  1. hmmm....

    was really excited about these drives....

    They increased the price of the 128GB drive from $399 to $499 partly off the back of good reviews I am guessing


    The reviews examined the 256GB drive in all I saw.
    with claimed
    Read 355MBs
    Write 215MBs

    The 128GB drive however has:
    Read 355MBs
    Write about 140MBs
    and also lower IOPs speeds on writes too

    On Crucial’s site for both drives they Only mention the tasty 355MBs read speeds for both drives --- conveniently leaving out the reduced write speeds and any mention of IOPs

    Very Damn Cheeky :pfff:

    think have now decided to get a nice Samsung F3 SpinPoint 1TB drive and save for a bigger faster 4th Quarter 25nm drive now...

    + can buy a better GFx card than I was planning and still save money :D
  2. I've read some reviews of these drives and they seem mighty impressive. But they are well out of my price range and I imagine a lot of other folks. SSD's are still too pricey, the lower priced ones are also crippled by low density and slow speeds.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my 40GB Intel, but it doesn't stack up to the bigger drives. I wonder how it would do if I got another in raid zero? I haven't seen a lot of reviews for the x-25v...
  3. Actually, if you read the reviews from:,,, you would see that the C300 has MUCH better random IO performance than Intel. In fact it is the #1 drive on both sequential and random IO performance, if you can swallow the high price.
  4. as I said that was the 256GB model in all those reviews

    The 128 GB model has 33% slower write IOPs and 35% slower Sequential writes 140 down from 215MBs - they just almost always fail to mention it everywhere, even on Crucials site.

    Here is a really nice comparisson of the 256GB C300 to others:
    Anand Vertex LE v C300 etc review
  5. Yeah, I was excited to pick up a drive for $399 but at $499 I really can't justify it. I thought it was kind of a bargain at $399, but I guess Crucial did, too.. Oh well, maybe street price will be lower. The 140 MBs write time on the 128gb version also kills me a little inside. Looks like I will have to continue to put off purchasing a SSD.
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