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I have installed a Bluetooth DUN connection in my deskop with my Nokia N73 cellphone using a Mni USB Bluetooth Dongle. Now when i'm configuring the Bluetooth DUN modem settings in "Phone and Modem Options" inside Control Panel, i can set Maximum Port speed upto 115.2Kbps(115200) only. But when i configure the modem settings under the General tab of the Network Connections Properties, i can set the maximum speed upto 921.6 Kbps (921600). How can i increase the maximum port speed in the Phone and Modem settings from 115 Kbps to 460.8 Kbps as my Mobile internet provider has the maximum internet speed of 245 Kbps ?
Professional SP3
My Operating System is Windows XP
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  1. 1: go to control panel
    2: go in network connections
    3: double click on bluetooth DUN connection
    4: click on properties
    5: and change your speed from 115.2Kbps(115200) to 921.6 Kbps (921600)
    6: you will get a speed of 30kbps or 40kbps of speed
  2. I have done that but can't I increase any more further to a speed more that, say using the Dos commands...It it becomes permanent????? please you can reply through this e-mail
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