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I've read the CPU temp guide (but it was beyond my temp comprehension), and read multiple posts, and This is my first custom gig so I'm trying to figure out if I'm using the right temp to compare my setup against what is OK/normal. If someone would kindly help me decipher this, I'd appreciate it!

Q6600 2.40 Ghz Stepping B, Revision GO. Running stock settings of 2.4 GHz (no oc till I figure out if my temps are OK at stock.)
Xigmatek HDT-S1283 cooler with artic silver applied as in the benchmarkreviews.com site
Asus p5q-se
At load (100% cpu utilz on all 4 cores), values from SpeedFan version 4.37

Core 0 - 66 C
Core 1 - 62 C
Core 2 - 57 C
Core 3 - 56 C

& CPU - 56 C

When people are posting temps for max - are these the CPU value or the average of the core values?

I just want to make sure I've setup a system that will keep the CPU from getting overheated even if running at a high utilization. Am I right to assume that the comparable value is 56C, which since it is below 62C is OK?

Also, is it normal for there to be such a difference in values between the cores?


- Jen
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  1. Difference is OK. Buyt they seem a bit high. Obviously it also depends on ambient temp and airflow in the case. for comparison i can say I have Q6600 @ 3.2GHz and 1.375V and it never goes over 62C Prime 95 load ambient 22-24C and good case ventilatin. CPU cooler is Scytche Ninja.
  2. download Core temp or real temp and Set the Tjmax to 90 (this is the official Tjmax for the Q6600).

    Check the temps, u should notice the temps drop by 10c these would be ur official temps for the CPU.

    56c on full load would be a little high, but still pretty normal.

    also, if the CPU is @ stock speeds, try adjusting the Voltages in the BIOS, the Q6600 shold be able to run on stock 1.2 (Vcore),

    ur CPU could be running on Auto, if ths is the case then u could be getting higher voltages, causing the temps to be high.

    BTW, setting the voltage to 1.2 on a P5Q could meen an overclock of up to 3.2ghz, witch in turn should only differ the temps by a few deg c from the stock speed and volts.
  3. Papalarge12 what a useful tip/reply!!!

    I'll do as you suggest. I thought the Tjmax was 100, has there been some uncertianty about this number?

    I'll check the CPU, I'm almost positive is set to auto, If I set it to manual will programs like ASUS EPU-4 Engine continue to work?
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