OS on 1 volume & all programs/app's & games on other

I have split my C) Drive into 2 volumes, one for the OS & the other volume for my programs/app's & games. Is this a good idea, I have always done this & I really can not tell you why?

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  1. Personally i don't think there is any gain from partitioning a single drive like that, and if you run of room on one partition you are going to be stuck with it.

    What I personally do is use two separate drives one for data and one for my os and apps. The reason I do that is I run a lot of alpha and beta software that manages to crash my computer every few months, so this way i reformat my os drive and start over while keeping all my data intact.
  2. Apps and games would load faster if they were installed on the same partition as your OS.

    I would make two partitions and then throw every apps & games into the OS partition with the rest in the other partition.
  3. Thanks guys for you info, what about doing a clean install of the OS. If I have all the apps/programs in its own partition I can save some time by not having to reinstall all of my those apps, right?
  4. It is a good idea to do a clean install and then back up the system partition RIGHT AFTER with Acronis True Image which is available on WD website for free if you have a WD HDD.

    A lot of apps/games will not work without writing registry and so you may still have to reinstall them even they are in different partition as the OS.
  5. That sucks, I just bought Acronis Home 2010 & I have 4 WD drives.
  6. as andy said most apps need to be reinstalled on a new os install
  7. If you have 4 drives, then install your OS and programs on one drive.
    Use other drives for data storage if you want.

    Use Acronis or windows-7 backup to create an image copy of the OS on a second drive.
    It will be much faster to recover than an OS reinstall.

    You might want to consider using one of those drives in an external enclosure for safer backup.
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