The advantages of having two internal hard drives

I've heard so many people saying that having an extra hard drive will make it easier to recover your system if your first hard drive fails. What else can I do with an extra hard drive and how can I setup my extra hard drive in my system?

In addition: What is your opinion on 1tb drives at 5200 RPM?
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  1. To get the kinda of redundancy your looking for you need to set the drives up in a RAID 1 (mirror).

    This means that what ever gets written to one drives get written to the second drive, so if one fails you just pull it out and your good to go.

    Most new motherboards will support a software raid and its fairly simple to set up, just refer to the manual.

    The 5200 are technically slower, but should run cooler, which should add to drive longevity.

    Hopes this helps

  2. extra drive or commonly used for storing personal data & media files ..bcz some malicious program or an virus can affect our system & crash it.. if you have datas on other physical drive than it will be safe..
    i have no idea about 1 TB HDD . i never used it..
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