Problem with Sound Driver in my Asus P5QC motherboard or Computer?

:pfff: Actually i don't know whats the problem or what settings i need to enable but I need the sound. I installed all drivers for the motherboard Including "Sound" but when i go to control panel>audio devices> there's no sound driver or device detected. The setup wizard starts and install the sound drivers then reboots but Still no sound Device detected. :o

Here's the weird part, when i go to Express Gate since this motherboard has Linux OS integrated, and i use the internet and put a video there's Sound!! but no sound in my windows xp OS that i just installed. I just installed windows and all other drivers work fine except the Sound.

How can i make it show the Sound Icon and detect the sound device in windows Xp pro?? I don't know what to do this is depressing :pfff:

I have Q9550 processor, 2gb Ram, Soprano RS Case, ASUS P5QC motherboard.
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  1. It sounds like a driver/software issue. I would go to asus website and install the latest drivers from there if you havent already.
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