Unable to load netgear driver

ANy idea of what might be preventing XP (SP3) from loading a |Netgear (wna1100) wireless adapter ?. It goes to last step but does not find all the files when the adapter is inserted in the USB. Help Please

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  1. The best policy is to delete the netgear / driver install you made. Restart the computer, turn off the anti virus, Plug in the adapter, allow windows to detect and install the adapter. Windows may ask for the driver disk to be inserted while installing.
    Don't load netgear software. Just load the driver when windows asks for it. Use the software contained in XP, it will work better than the vendor software.
    XP already has wireless software, and it is better to use it, instead of the manufacturer software.
    now restart the computer and turn the anti virus back on
    (your driver or hardware may not install if your security is turned on when installing it.)
  2. ^ Not good advice there and a bit confusing. Windows not not have all wireless software, he needs the drivers from Netgear. Although it is recommended to turn of virus protection when installing drivers, on the other hand, I have never had to do that to make anything work.

    Did you run the setup CD? On their website: "Easy setup with the Smart Wizard® CD gets you up and running fast, while.."
    Also check here http://kb.netgear.com/app/products/model/a_id/12995
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