How do I reset overclocked memory to default clock?

I tried to overclock my memory today and failed miserably....Now my pc wont start up, I have tried resetting my bios using both an on board jumper and by removing the battery, but I still get nothing. Plz help
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  1. removing the battery should have worked

    there are other issues

    can you get to the bios?
    can you boot to...... say..... memtest?
  2. No, I can't Do anything... When I turnon my computer,I just get a blank screen
  3. Turn off, take out battery....let sit for 15 minutes....might as well put new battery in while you're at it.
  4. There's also the possibility you fried something. if you have several sticks of ram, try each one separately. If it works with one and not another, you fried the latter.
  5. neither of em work, I already tried that. I think I fried both sticks rlly, but its okay because I am getting an i7 in about a week, so I just gotta wait it out rather than buying new memory just to have it replaced again.
  6. I use it mostly for gaming, but im trying to get into the whole overclocking thing, seems so fun trying to get the highest possible frequency. because my mobo doesnt support overclocking, I just wanted an overall faster pc w/ new mobo, ram, and cpu. Actually, I decided on the i5 and will be ordering it sometime next week once I decide on all the parts, but will probably try to rma my current ram and use my old parts to make a family pc.
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